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Huaxi Forest Park

Yiwu Huaxi ParkHuaxi Forest Park is located in the northeast part of Yiwu City, on the foot of Mt. Wuyan, Zhejiang Province . It is rich in natural and cultural resources.  Covering an area of 22 square kilometers, it is a typical subtropical evergreen broad-leaf forest zone. It has several main sightseeing spots that attract people from afar.

What to see ?

Zhuyang Cave, or Master Zhu’s Cave, is a big cave with 3 layers with many sub-caves. Each cave can be connected is the main feature of Zhuyang Cave. And you will also find many stone cuttings carved by poets and scholars of Ming and Qing Dynasties in those caves. A temple was built in the upper cave centuries ago, in which worships a big Reclining Buddha and one Jade Buddha presented by India.  

Skywards Cave locates on the top of Mt. Wuyan, with an altitude of 650 m. As the main mouth of the cave upturned and towards the sky, hence the name. Outside the cave, you may find a lion shaped stone seems to chase a silk ball which lies ahead of it, thus the cliff before and back the cave are names Silk Ball Cliff and Lion Cliff.

Huaxi Lake is actually a big reservoir original named Wang Da Keng. It was built in late 1950s, covers an area of 294,000 square meters, which can contain 5 million cubic meters of water. The reservoir is surrounded by mountains in three sides. There is a path stretches between two mountains. Walk up the path for several minutes, you will reach Bai Bu Xun, which is a long stone ladder with 318 steps that built between two steep cliffs by the ancients. On the left side, there is a waterfall rushes down the cliff and the water of it forms a pond right below, then streams to the reservoir.

The Dragon Templelies on a big level land beneath the Bai Bu Xun, is a ruin of an ancient architecture. The former housing covers an area of over 1000 square meters, but only left three rooms right now plus one old stone tablet.

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