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China is a relatively safe country. Travellers should be conscious of pick pocketing and bag snatching. And China is a remarkably healthy country despite its relative poverty and climatic variations. Standards of hygiene varies from place to place so all visitors must be aware of potential hazards and act cautiously. Tap water is not safe; all water consumed must be boiled or filtered unless it is bottled mineral water. Boiled water is available in all Chinese hotels and restaurants. Although food is prepared fresh and cooked or cleaned thoroughly, stomach upsets are possible so it is advisable to take some medicine with you. 

Ailments such as sore throats and chest colds are also possible and can occur at any time of year considering China's climatic extremes. The summer months are brutally hot so it is imperative to combat the harmful summer heat with a sufficient supply of liquids to prevent dehydration. Prior to departing for China, it is recommended that you get accident and medical insurance coverage for any medical expenses that may arise during a trip. 

No vaccinations are required for travel to China but it is advisable to check with your doctor for current information. Tetanus and typhoid vaccines are essential for travel anywhere, and rabies and hepatitis vaccinations are recommended. Please note that there is a risk of malaria in remote areas of south China, so take precautionary measures before you go. 

Although many locals do drink the tap water, we recommend that you drink only bottled water or boiled water. Bottled water is available everywhere. You may use the tap water to brush your teeth as long as you remember to rinse your mouth once or twice after brushing.

For Health Regulations please check with your local health unit for required vaccinations and inoculations.  

Emergency Medical Service

The clinics in large hotels and restaurants offer medical and first aid services to travelers. If you feel uncomfortable while on a tour, you may call the outpatient department of a local hotel, or ask your guide to take you to see the doctor.

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