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You can contact VisitAroundChina at any time and anywhere if you would like to travel in Zhangjiajie,China. Your operators from VisitAroundChina are very happy to hear from you even if  you are from home and abroad. Here lists some easy ways to contact us as per below:


◆Head Office In China

4/F,the Building of Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station,

Guanliping,Yongding District,

Zhangjiajie City,

Hunan Province,P.R.C


Tel:  +86 744 8223 727

Fax: +86 744 8237 599

Position Map of CTS,Zhangjiajie Office of Zhangjiajie CTS

◆Branch Office in Maldives

Ma.Rangri,3/F,Rah Dhebal Magu,

Male' City,Maldives


tel.jpgTel: + 960 3300811

     Fax: + 960 3300812

Contact person: Mr Hassan Mobile: +960 7783625

◆Branch Office in Canada

1003-850, Royal Avenue, Newwestminsiter,BC,Canada

tel.jpgTel:  + 1 604 889 6066

     Fax:  + 1 604 288 4591

Contact person: Mr Billy   Mobile: +1 7785 5789 19

◆Travel & Tour Inquiry Center

Tel: (+86) 744 8399 989 8233 727

Fax: (+86) 744 8237599

Mob: (+86) 187 9753 4585


◆Online Tour Custom Forms

If none of our sample tours meets your expectation and you would like to tailor make your Zhangjiajie or China tour, just tell us the things you want to see and do, we will customize a tour to fit your specific needs. Please complete our online Chinazhangjiajietour  enquiry forms, and you will have our free consultation services.You will receive our proposed itinerary with estimated tour cost within 24 hours.

Skype: Zhangjiajie Tour China   | neodalle-travel

QQ: 2408089772 游遍中国

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