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Warmly greetings from VisitAroundChina! is a brand of Zhangjiajie China Travel Service Co,Ltd ( CTS,Zhangjiajie ). We offer high-quality China Travel Service which is operated by our professional team consisting of travel consultants and advisers, sales representatives and network managers.  

With over 5,000 years history,China is a great country in the world. Since China's opening-up to the outside world in 1978,particularly with the Beijing's successful bid for 2008 Olympic Games,more and more overseas visitors have been becoming increasingly interested in Chinese ancient culture,beautiful scenery,people's lifestyle and various aspects of the society. As  a Chinese saying goes:"A picture is worth a thousand words,but being there is worth a thousand pictures."Only by traveling in China can you have been an overall knowledge of China's past,present, and future, and of China's folk customs as well. 

Being a branch of China Travel Service Group, VisitAroundChina of CTS Zhangjiajie offers a series of professional travel services aiming at creating ever-lasting memories of China. We specialize in China Tours as well as China Hotel booking. We can also take care of your business travel arrangements, providing meeting facilities, incentive trips and all related land service. 

We are sincerely looking forward to establishing a close working relationship with you to ensure that your clients get the tour they want, and you get the support you need when booking their travel to China through our service. We understand that customers are everything so that their vacation should not end on the day their bags are unpacked. Experience lasts a lifetime, and we hope this will be so for each of our clients.

Explore China with VisitAroundChina, your forever partner and friend!

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 Zhangjiajie China Travel Service Co.Ltd

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