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Anqing Travel Guide

china-anhui-mapAnqing City, a prefecture-level city, is located in the southwest of Anhui province, at the confluence of Anhui, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces. Anqing city has jurisdiction over one city, seven counties and three districts. The city has a total area of 15,300 square km and a population of 6.1 million.Anqing is one of the national garden cities with fine ecology and environment. And it is also a splendid tourist city with its beautiful scenery and rich resources.

Facts of Anqing 

Chinese Name: 安庆市 (ān qìng shì)
Population: 6,060,000 
Area: 15,398 square kilometers

Administrative Division: 3 districts (Yingjiang District, Daguan Ditrict, Suburban District); 7 counties (Huaining, Zongyang, Qianshan, Taihu, Susong, Wangjiang, Yuexi); 1 county-level city (Tongcheng) 
Seat of the City Government: 2, Shifu Lu, Daguan District,Anqing City

History of Anqing

In East Zhou Dynastry, Anqing was the land of the ancient Wan State, from which came the brief name of Anhui “Wan”. In the seventeenth year of Shaoxing in Nan Song Dynasty (AD 1147), the government changed Shuzhou Deqing Army to Shuzhou Anqing Army, from which came the name “Anqing”. The city of Anqing was established in 1217, eight hundred years of historical development up to the present day. The poet Guopu of East Jin Dynasty called this place "Yicheng" (meaning a comfortable place), from which Anqing has another name "Yicheng".

From the twenty-fifth year of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty (1760) to the twenty-sixth year of the Republic of China (1938), Anqing had been the capital of Anhui Province and the center of economy, politics and culture. It is one of the cities blessed with modern civilization comparatively early in China.

Geography of Anqing

Location: Located in the southwest section of Anhui Province, Anqing neighbors Tongling, lu'an, Wuhu and Chizhouwithin the province, is separated from Jiangxi Province by the Yangtze River and Hubei Province by the Dabie Mountains.

Physical Features: The city has medium and low height mountains distributed across the northeast, plains and bottomland in the southeast. Hills and lakes are distributed in the central part of the city.

What to see in Anqing?

Anqing is a splendid tourist city with its beautiful scenery and rich resources. There are famous scenic resorts of the State Four-A-Class -- Tianzhu Mountain and Huating Lake in Anqing. There are almost ten national scenic resorts, national natural reserve zones, national forest parks, national geology park, national historical heritage reserve -- Dalong Mountain, Xiaogu Mountain, Mountain Fu, Baiyazhai, Sparrow Hawk Perching Place, Miaodao Mountain, Xuejiagang and so on.

Mt. Tianzhu5.jpgYingjiang Temple.jpgHuting Lake.jpg
     Tianzhu Mountain       Yingjiang Temple         Huating Lake

Anqing City has medium and low height mountains distributed across the northeast, plains and bottomland in the southeast. Hills and lakes are distributed in the central part of the city. It is regarded as the 'hometown' of Huangmei Opera and Hui Opera. Huangmei Opera is the local opera of Anhui and one of the most popular local operas in China. Hui Opera is an important contributor to the Beijing Opera.

When to visit Anqing?

Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit Anqing.It lies in the north subtropical humid climatic zone, with distinct monsoon and four seasons. Its annual average temperature ranges from approximately 14.5 to 16.6℃ (58.1-68.9℉). Like many other cities in South China, the weather will be greatly affected by the plum rain season in summer. 

How to get there?

Anqing is also the transportation hub to many scenic resorts, such as Yellow Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain, and Mountain Lu. A three-dimensional traffic network in Anqing has been formed, consisting of highway, railway, waterway, and aviation.

By Air :   Tianzhushan Airport is located about 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) north of the city proper. At present, there are flights directly to Guangzhou as well as multi-destination flights like Guangzhou-Anqing-Jingdezhen-Guangzhou. The ticket booking office in downtown is located at 175, Linghu Nan Lu, Yingjiang District.

By Bus :  The expressway route, such as Shanghai-Chengdu expressway, Dong-Xiang expressway, Anqing-Hefei expressway, Hefei-Tongling-Huangshan expressway, the three national highways -- 105, 206 and 318, and Hefei-Jiujiang Railway, are intersecting in Anqing. Anqing Yangtze River Highway Bridge and Anqing Railway Bridge (in construction), the intercity Nanjing-Anqing Railway, the expressway along Yangtze River, and Anqing-Jingdezhen expressway are all intersecting in Anqing. 

The traffic is convenient in Anqing. It has two principal bus stations in Anqing City 

Anqing Bus Station in 56,Yicheng Lu  

Linghu Bus Station in 176, Linghu Nan Lu. Buses to Hefei depart every few minutes. The trip takes approximately three hours. 

Anqing Travel Tips

The facilities and services of tourism in the city are highly functional. Accommodation here is good and convenient.

Traditional food and flavor snacks are famous. Special food, such as shad, anchovy, crabs, Mozi cakes, oil pastry, Tongcheng Fenggao (a dessert), Huaining Gonggao (a dessert), Jiangmao dumplings, parched rice with chicken soup and so on, are pretty delicious. 

Handicraft articles and native products are quite attractive that people can hardly tear themselves away from them, such as Wangjiang cross-stitch works, Qianshan Shuxi (bamboo mat), Susong wax printing, Yuexi Cuilan tea.  

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