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Beijing Travel Guide

Beijing is one of the world's great mega cities and its importance continues to rise.It has been the capital of China for more than eight centuries and its history is richly layered and complemented by museums, galleries and institutions. Beijing is also a modern city,rapidly developing metropolies,with avantgard architecture,five -star services,efficient trasnport links to China and the world,plus a dynamic nightlife than never stands still.Beijing changes faster than any city in the developed world. so even if you visited a few years ago,prepare yourself for some wonderful surprises... More 

 What to do in Beijing ? 

Beijing is mus-see for each traveles from worldwide.Travel in Beijing, tourists always to catch sight of the top attractions and enjoy the shows of China Opera,Chinese Kungfu , do some shoping,eat dishes and special food as well in Beijing.

1. Top Atrractions in Beijing

Tian'anmen Square is the symbol of China and regarded as the soul of China,the Great Wall is the first site of China to be listed as the World's Heritage,the Forbidden City is the Emperor's Palace in Chinese Ancient times. All of theese area needed to visit when you travel in Beijing City.Certainly,Beijing Hutong, Yonghe Temple,Tiantan Temple,and so on are also to be visited if you like. However, Beijing is colorful city with lots of historic and cultural scenic sites.You can stay 2nts/3days or more time to spend your holiday in Beijing.

Forbidden City
Temple of Heaven
Summer Palace
         The Forbidden City           The Temple of Heaven         Yuanmingyuan Garden
Tian'anmen Square
The Great Wall
Beihai Park
         Tian'anmen Square          The Great Wall of China             Beihai Park 
Ming Tombs
Bird's Nest & Water Cube
Yonghe Lama Temple
           Ming Tombs       The Bird’s Nest & Water Cube              Lama Temple 
Beijing Hutong
Niujie Mosque
The Summer Palace
           Beijing Hutong
               Niujie Mosque          The Summer Palace

2. Enjoy shows in Beijing 

Chinese Acrobatic, Chinese Kungfu and Beijing Opera are the most famous shows in Beijing,all shows are held at night ervery day. If you like to watch shows please ask your local guide to book in advance so that you will not miss enjoying shows in Beijing.

Chinese Acrobatic ShowChinese Kungfu ShowBeijing Oprea
    Chinese Acrobatic Show      Chinese Kungfu Show        Beijing Opera

3. Taste and eating Beijing Food

The special breed of Roasted Beijing Duck was raised to be the most luxurious meat at a Chinese iperial banguet and is now bred worldwide.The ceremonial meal involves special preparations of the duck meat,sliced in a traditional order and eaten with thn pancakes,cucumber slices and sauces.You will be asked if you want  a final dish of soup made from duck's bones. We suggest you replying "Yes !"....More

Quanjude Restaurant

4. Do Shoping in Beijing

Beijing is a paradise of shopping for tourists from home and abroad. Nowadays,shopping in Beijing is becoming more and more convenient. Every year new shopping centers, plazas and malls are sprouting up all over the capital. Just 20 years ago there were only a few department stores and small bazaars, but now there are many superstores, mega-malls and markets and boutiques where you can buy just about anything you need....More

ChinaChina traditional Handcrafts
EmbroiderayChinaChina Traditional Handicrafts

 How to get there ?

Transportation is of particular importance in China, as it covers such vast territory and is home to such a large population.China currently has a comprehensive system of modern transportation, which includes civil aviation, railway, road traffic, and water transportation. As transportation in the country becomes more accessible and more reliable, it is also becoming more technologically advanced. Modern modes of transportation such as express highways, electrified railroads, metros, light railways, and maglev railways are becoming increasingly common, especially in larger cities....More

 When to travel ?

Each season is time to visit in Beijing,but autumn is the best season of the year in Beijing. Only the autumn has pleasant weather with clear sky and the best air quality, which thereat is called the 'golden season'. Also, autumn is the best traveling time of the whole year to Beijing, specifically in September and October. In addition, May is another good choice....More

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