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Beijing Climate & Weather

Click Here to Check Beijing Weather Forecast Beijing City has four discernible seasons which belongs to the warm temperate zone, half moist continental monsoon climate.Beijing weather features four distinct seasons: arid multi-windy spring, hot and multi- rain summer, sunny and fresh autumn and the cold and dry winter. The annual precipitation is  644 millimeters and the annual average temperature is approximately 10~12 oC(50~53.6oF). Spring and autumn are short  that respectively lasts for two months and 6 weeks, but summer and winter last longer, respectively is about three months and more than five months.

There are frequent sandstorms in spring, and that makes September and October, when all considered, the best time to visit this city.Brief introduction to the four seasons in Beijing will help you have a better understanding about the climate and practical tips for traveling in different time of the year.

January in Beijing is the coldest month of the year, with the average temperature approximately -7~-4 oC(24.8~44.6 oF), while July is hottest of the year, and the average temperature is about 25~26 oC(77~78.8 oF). The extreme lowest temperature of the year is -27.4 oC(17.32 oF) and the extreme highest temperature is above 42 oC(107.6 oF). The annual frost-free period is usually between 180 and 200 days. The rainy season is of much non-uniformity, 75% of the precipitation is in the summer and rainstorms are usually in July and August.

Beijing Average Climate by Month

High (ºC)241220273031302619103
Low (ºC)-9-7-1813182220148-0-7
Rain (mm)2.545.0810.1625.427.9471.12175.26182.8848.2617.785.082.54
High (ºF)343952677986878578665037
Low (ºF)151930455564706857453119
Rain (in)

Beijing Climate and Weather by seasons

In Spring

Spring is from March to May, with frequent intervals of rising and lowering of temperatures. There is much wind and dust in spring, and sometimes sandstorms. Spring is the season when flowers bloom. May is a good time for spring outings and many shows and performances are concentrated in this month.

In summer

Summer is from June to August, usually scorching with sizzling temperatures at noon. There are occasional downpours.It will become much hotter in Beijing in Summer. The daytime temperature generally is about 34 oC(93.2 oF), and there will be many rainstorms. The total sum of the precipitation in summer may be 70% of the rainfall in the whole year.

Summer is considered peak season, when hotels typically raise their rates and the Great Wall nearly collapses under the weight of marching tourists.Mountainous areas such as Jingdong Grand Canyon and Chuandixia Village near Beijing's suburbs offer much coolness to escape the summer heat. Leisurely boating on Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace, or riding a rickshaw to visit Hutongs (traditional neighborhoods), is also very pleasant.

In Autumn

Autumn (September to November) is the most beautiful and pleasant season in Beijing. Though there are intervals of weather changes, it is generally comfortable.Climbing the Great Wall or seeing the red leaves at Fragrant Hill is recommended for this season. There are many places that you can go to see fall foilage in this season

In winter

Winter is from December to February. It is cold and dry with occasional snow. The temperature is usually well below zero.In winter,the cold northeasterly wind seldom penetrates the mountains in the north of the city, and without the associated wind-chill, temperatures are higher than expected. Hence, the winter in Beijing is warmer than other areas of similar latitude. Eating steaming Mongolian hotpot can warm you up in winter. Celebrating a traditional Chinese New Year in the Hutongs, attending bustling temple fairs, and learning to make dumplings will surely give you an authentic experience of local people's life.

The Best Time to Visit Beijing

There is little rainfall and many sandstorms in spring. Once spring arrives, the temperature increases rapidly and the air humidity is reduced, so the weather will be drier and the land will become more arid, consequently the sandy soil can be easily blown away.So, autumn is the best season of the year in Beijing. Only the autumn has pleasant weather with clear sky and the best air quality, which thereat is called the 'golden season'. Also, autumn is the best traveling time of the whole year to Beijing, specifically in September and October. In addition, May is another good choice.

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