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Beijing Food & Cuisine

Beijing Food and Cuisine belongs to Chinese traditional northern cuisine which is unlike Guangdong Cuisine commonly found in restaurants worldwide. Northerners, aswell as Beijingers enjoy eating lamb,fish,peanuts and hotpot, prefer thick noodles more than rice, and natural floavours more than hot spices. Beijing is also a city to enjoy regional and ethnic cuisines reflecting the great diversity across China. Certainly, Beijing is also a place to change your perspectives of international cuisine having some of the best in Korea, Russian, Thai, Uzbek,Malay, Vetnamese restaurants.Some restaurants feature regional customs, music and dances.In fact, the meals in Beijing are filled with astonishing variety of tastes and styles.

Beijing Roast Duck

The special breed of Roasted Beijing Duck was raised to be the most luxurious meat at a Chinese iperial banguet and is now bred worldwide.The ceremonial meal involves special preparations of the duck meat,sliced in a traditional order and eaten with thn pancakes,cucumber slices and sauces.You will be asked if you want  a final dish of soup made from duck's bones. We suggest you replying "Yes !".

Quanjude Restaurant

Qunajude Restaurant,located in Qianmen Street,  is the Beijing's most famous Roast Duck. The restaurant was founded in 1864 (the 3rd year of Emperor Tongzhi, Qing Dynasty,1644-1911).It began the traditions of serving the original Bejing Roast Duck over 150 years ago, ranked first among all Chinese dishes.

Hot Pot

The hot pot used to be a brass pot with a wide outer rim around a chimney and a charcoal burner underneath.Water containing mushrooms and dried shrimps is boiled in a pot. Thin pieces of raw mutton are cooked with chopsticks in a self-service pot of boiling water. Diners dip thin slices of chopsticks in a self-service pot of boiling water. Diners dip thin slices of raw mutton into the water, where the meat cooks rapidly. The cooked slices are then dipped into a sauce. This cooking method ensures that the meat is both tender, and tasty. Cabbage, noodles and pea starch noodles and gradually added to the boiling water, which becomes a very rich broth drunk at the end of the meal.

Donglaishun Restaurant

Beijing Donglaishun Muslim Restaurant was established in 1903, Goldfish's Hutong of the north end of Wangfujing Street of Dongcheng District. Donglaishun has formed in order to produce, bake, fry, rinse four major series 200 more than variety on integrative Islamic cooked food system progressively. The instant boiled mutton of characteristic dish, have " The materials are precise , a one hundred sheets of crafts & arts , condiment are fragrant , the hot pot is prosperous , the bottom soup is fresh , the garlic in syrup is fragile , the batching is thin , the whole adjuvant" eight characteristics. The mutton meat in Donglaishun is delicate, the mouth feel is soft, and has a strong smelled not oiliness. There is good reputation of "the first in China is rinsed".

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