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An unforgettable reunion and trip to West Hunan

During this weekend,My classmates from Changsha University gathered in Zhangjiajie and began our trip to West Hunan.It is an unforgettable meeting after we graduated in 1988.Thirteen classmates among of our class attended this great meeting.


The photos were taken on Apr 15th,2017 to show our gathering in Yongshun County, Xiangxi Tujia & Miao Minorities Autonomous Prefecture.There are 32 students in our class,but i can see only 13 classmates in this photo.Where are you? Linda, Done, Jack, David, Nina,Sally,Jane...However,please join us next time.Let's share our happiness of this reunion and trip in West Hunan.

Meet in Zhangjiajie on Apr 14th, 2017 ( Fri)


Today's dinner was arranged by Joan,manager at a brand of Zhangjiajie CTS. The photos were taken to show our happiness.Especially. Pat,working as an official in Wulingyuan District of Zhangjiajie City, was very happy. He informed," This is the first time for me to attend the classmates reunion." Time goes too fast, it has been 29 years since we graduated in 1988.


In fact,we were drinking again at a local restaurant.John was sharing his experience that he had worked two years in Maldives.

Trip to Yongshun on Apr 15th,2017 (Sat)


After one hour's drive,we arrived in Diaojing Township of Yongshun County, Nancy and his husband were waiting for us at Chunming Farm. The six sisters were showing their beauty after finishing making ' Yeye Baba", a kind of Tujia Minority's traditional cake made of rice and wrapped in a leaf. At the same time,men were cooking lunch.



After lunch, we drived to Laosicheng,the third World's Heritage Site in Hunan Province. Laosicheng,located in Yongshun County, was once the capital of King Tusi with 800 years history in Chinese ancient time. It was listed as the World's Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2015. Mr Peng Chang,our schoolmate of Changsha University, is the general manager of Laosicheng Site.We are arranged to go rafting on the uper section of Mengdong River. Mr Ma Shaowang, also graduated from Changsha University, works as the manager at Mengdong River Scenic Area.


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