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Top three natural bridges in Zhangjiejie

There are three natural bridges in Zhangjiajie City, South Central China's Hunan Province.All of the three natural bridges,No.1 Bridge,Fairy Bridge,and Heaven Bridge, are all located in Wulingyuan Scenic Area, as well as  attract most tourists to expore.

The Heaven Bridge, located at the top mountain of the Yaozi Village Scenic Spot which is one of the 5 major scenic spots in Zhangjiajie National Forset Park.The bridge is formed a large hole on the huge stone wall.For this top attraction, most toursits like trekking to Yaozi Village for discovering.

The Fairy Bridge is located in a site of Monkey-Slope,southwest of Tianzi Mountain.The Fairy Bridge is hanged between two sides of cliffs with its height over 100 meters.The bridge boasts its width of 1.5 well as length of 26 meters.It is so breathtaking to attract many people to try their walking on the bridge even if they need to hiking about one hour after they get off at the Ec-bus stop in Tianzi Mountain.

Fairy Bridge Fairy Bridge

The World's No.1 Bridge,a must-see sightseeing of Zhangjiajie Tour,is located in Yuanjiajie Scenic Spot.Looking from upper to the bottom of the deep valley with its height of 400 meters,everyone feels dangerous and breathtaking.The No.1 Bridge is connected by the tow mountains.The body of the bridge boats its width of 2 meters,length of 10 meaters,and height of 4 meters.The No.1 Bridge is one of the top 10 scenic sites in Zhangjiajie...More

No.1 Bridge 

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