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The world's rare flowers in Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie is praised as the treasure palace of nature.There are woody plants of 12 families,320 genera and 850 spicies.Here lives lots of the world's rare flowers and plants.

◎ Goldenfish Flower

Goldenfish Flower,t while he traveled in Zhangjiajie in Septemper,2015. he name was called by Chinese after the pictures were put on the photographer's blog.Because this kind of flower looks like lady's cleavage,and some people once named it as Cleavage Flower.The below photos were taken by a tourist while he traveled in Zhangjiajie in Septemper,2015.

Goldenfish Flower Cleavage Flower?

◎ Impatiens Spp

Impatiens spp lives in water sides of forest mountainous with 500-800 meters above sea level. Walking along the Golden Whip Stream in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park,ourists can find lots of Ompatiens spp blossing colorfully in Summer . Because this kind of flower looks like lobster, Local Chinese usually call it as Lobster Flower.

Impatiens spp Impatiens spp

◎ Rhododendron Tianmenshanense

It is a new species which was found to grow in Tianmenshan National Forest Park, Zhangjiajie city, named by the Hunan Forest Botanical Garden, Central South University of Forestry and Technology and Tianmenshan National Forest Park. It was officially unveiled in the opening ceremony of Zhangjiajie International Forest Conservation Festival 2007 and its appearance was a contribution to the development of ecological tourism in Zhangjiajie.

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