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One Day Tour in Dehang Miao Village

Dehang Miao Village is a top attraction with the beautiful scenery and rich national customs in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao AUtonomoues Prefecture.Dehang means "beautiful canyon" in Miao Language. Dehang Miao Village is located in Aizhai Township,20km away from Jishou City. It's really the Ten-mile Gallery with over 5km-long cayon from Aizhai Town to Dehang Miao Village where a crystal stream snakes in the gorge. On the way, you can aslo see many Miao villages which are loated on the side of the stream.However, Dehang Miao Village is a fairy-land to attract tourists from home and abroad.


Top Things To Do In Dehang Miao Village 

▲ Visit Dehang Miao Village

Dehang Miao Village is a natural Miao Ethnic Minority Village which is located in the mountainous. The village has 50 families where most houses are built as the stilted-house. There are hree crystal streams floating from deep mountains to surround the village.


Here, you can walk around the village to visit Miao family, meet local Miao people, buy Miao's silver ornaments, taste local food, but you have better  to drink a bowl of rice wine, aslo called  "blocking-gate-wine" which is a knid of Miao's customs to welcome guests, before visiting the Miao village.


▲ Enjoy the performance of Miao songs and dances 

Dehang Miao Village as well as folk-custom shows attracts tourists’ attention. Tourists all can take pictures to capture pastoral scenery composed of Chinese noria, water roll, stone bridge and stilted building. 


They also experience Miao people’s generosity and hospitality by enjoying meat and drinking wine with big bowls at Miao’s long street banquet. The farming cultural park displays the making of bean curd and glutinous rice cake, contributing to creating Miao village’s unique New Year atmosphere.


During the New Year’s Day holiday, Dehang Scenic Spot also hold activities like a thousand-people tent festival and parent-child New Year’s Eve gala, constantly passing on the Miao’s New Year atmosphere to every tourist.

▲ See the Four Wonders of Dehang Miao Village

Dehang Miao Village features the natural beautiful scenery and man-made constructures. Lisha Waterfall,Tianwen Platform,Aizhai Bridge and Aizhai Road are the four wonders in Dehang Miao Village Scenic Area.

Liusha Waterfall is located in the west part of Dehang Miao Village Scenic Area. And it has been "the most exquisite waterfall in China".With a fall of 216 meters, the waterfall can be seen from a far distance. The water plummets from the high mountain and then turns into pieces of water screen at the bottom.But it will takes about 1 hour's walking from Dehang Village.The path is well trodden enough that there is a stone path all the way to the falls itself.The thin veil of water falls peacefully down the mountain to a green-blue pool of water. It makes the sound of rain when it falls to the pool. 


Aizhai Town is famous for Aizhai Bridge and Aizhai Road. Aizhai Bridge is the world’s highest tunnel to tunnel bridge and the fourth suspension bridge in China to cross a valley so wide it seems to be connecting two mountain ranges. The first three were the Siduhe, Balinghe and Beipanjiang 2009 bridges. Of the world's 400 or so highest bridges, none has a main span as long as Aizhai with a tower to tower distance of 3,858 feet (1,176 mtrs)...More


Travel Tips:

  1. Transport: 30 minutes driving from Jishou City, 2 hours driving along Zhangjiajie-Huayuan Highway from Zhangjiajie City,1.5 hours driving from Fenghuang Ancient Town.

  2. Entrance fee of the Scenic Area : 100RMB/Pax

  3. Performance Ticket of the Miao's Song and Dance: 120RMB/Pax; Openning Time: 19:00-20:30pm 

  4. Recommened Tour:  In the morning, vist Aizhai Road, Aizhai Bridge,Liusha Waterfall and Tianwen Platform, In the afternoon, visit Dehang Miao Village,enjoy Miao Customs and Miao's Song and Dance Performance .

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