How to anti COVID-19?

In response to the pandemic of this disease, in addition to your government taking aggressive action to contain the pandemic, each of you should unite to support and cooperate with the various measures taken by your government, and strive to make the disease eradicate as quickly as possible in various countries.
During the coronavirus outbreak, the people of China have produced the following information to provide some anti-epidemic tips to the public:

No.1:  Wash your hands frequently
If washing your hands frequently, you can prevent the virus from invading and cut off the contact between the virus and the mouth, nose, and eyes. 
Wash your hands after coughing and sneezing. 
Wash your hands before and after meals.
Wash your hands strongly after touching animals or feces.
Wash your hands choose "alcohol-free hand sanitizer"  when you go out or come home.

No.2: Maintain good respiratory hygiene
When coughing or sneezing, you should strictly prevent the spread of droplets by covering the nose and mouth with a tissue or bending the elbows.
Throw the used paper towels in the trash to avoid contamination.

No.3: Keep the room clean and hygienic
Ventilation can help to reduce the virus content in the room, which is of great significance for preventing and controlling virus infection. It is recommended to ventilate at least three times a day for half an hour each time.
Ventilate in the morning when the sun is full,
Ventilate after cleaning.
Ventilate after taking a bath.
Open the two windows facing farthest away to enhance air circulation.
The house should be cleaned once a day, preferably "wet sweeping", to remove dirt, dust and impurities in the house. Use 75% medical alcohol to properly disinfect the home, but you should pay attention to "amount of use" and "avoid fire" to ensure safety important.

No.4: Don't go out and stay at home.
It is strongly recommended that you stay at home.
Don't go out.
Do not go to a closed public place with poor air flow.
Don't go to the crowded places.

No.5: Must wear a mask
If you are going out, you must wear a face mask whenever and wherever possible to avoid virus infection.

No. 6: Seek medical treatment promptly
Assume that once you have symptoms of respiratory infections such as fever and cough, please do not "deceive yourself" and go to the nearest hospital immediately. During the process of going to the hospital, you and your family should wear masks.

No.7: Adjust your diet
In order to fundamentally reduce the risk of viral infections, your daily diet should be balanced with more vegetarian and less meat. You should increase the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits so as to strengthen your body's immunity.

No.8:Appropriate exercise
Try to exercise properly indoors.
For your health, please ensure that you exercise properly every day. Doing housework, flat support, yoga and other sports are all reliable exercises.

However, as an ordinary person, in the face of the fierce offensive of the coronavirus disease, in addition to comprehensive and scientific protection, you must strictly abide by the rules and regulations promulgated by the government.

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