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Huayanxi National Forest Park

Huayanxi National Forest Park, national AAA resort,is 58 kilometers southwest of Changde City, not far away from Taohuayuan Scenic Area in Taoyuan County,Hunan Provicne.Covered with nearly 700 hectares of primeval mixed forests in the park,it is also known as a national outdoor camp for the youth.In the north of the park Huayanxi Parkis Wuxi Lake and in the South is Longfeng Lake. From March to September every year, thousands of egrets come to this place, presenting a fascinating sight.

What to see ?

Huayanxi National Forest Park is composed of five major scenic spots, namely, the Central Area, Wuxi Lake, Longfeng Lake, Xianchi Mountain, Xifeng Mountain, with a total area of 45 square kilometers and a population of 4,000. 

On the mountains, there are two great lakes, Wuxi Lake and Longfeng Lake, with an area of 700 hectares and a storage capacity of more than 80 million cubic meters of water.These two lakes are connected by the twists and turns of various waterways. Crystal-clear water and green mountains look like a beautiful watercolour painting. It has well-protected vegetation. Its forest coverage is more than 95% and it is rich in animal and plant resources. 

There are 1,089 species of rare plants under national protection, like ginkgo biloba, bawen, and manglietia, and 326 species of rare animals, like leopard, otter, water viverra, and chrysolophus pictus. The dance of hundreds of thousands of egrets from March to October every year attracts many tourists to come here for sightseeing and leisurely vacations. Therefore, it is called the hometown of the egret in China. 

Huayanxi ParkFar from the noisy city, it is also home to simple and honest people, and a harmonious and quiet environment. It is widely praised by tourists for its unique characteristics such as old-fashioned wooden houses with black tilts and tung-oiled plates, delicious local food like leicha (Mortared tea) and rice wine, as well as for the warm reception.

Huayanxi Ehret Festival

With a special geographic location,Huayanxi is well known for its majestic natural sceneries, typical topographic features, and well-preserved ecological environment. With forest coverage of over 95%, Huayanxi boasts a multitude of rare plants and animals. From March to September every year, thousands of egrets live and breed here, which earns Huayanxi the beautiful name of “the kingdom of egrets”. In order to promote eco-tourism, Dingcheng District Government has designated every 6th of June as “the Huayanxi Egret Festival”.

How to get there?

It is 55 km south of Changde City, 30 km away from Taohuanyuan Airport, and 60 km from Changde Railway Station.It is only 30 km away from the Taohuayuan exit of the Changsha-Jishou Expressway. It can also be reached via the No.319 and No.207 National Highways. With the completion of the Taohua Road (a tourist highway from Taohuayuan to Huayanxi), it will be more convenient for tourists to visit Huayanxi.

Transport: Take a bus from Changde to Dingcheng District Stadium and and with a transfer you can get to the park.
Tel: (86)736-7490018

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