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Orange Island Park

Orange Island Park was originally set up in 1960 for entertainment and service and today the island is under construction to become a more attractive sightseeing destination, which will integrate gardening, traveling, entertainment, sports, culture and commerce. In the plan, the area will be divided into Two Corridors and Seven Garden: Hunan Culture Corridor, On-water Amusement Corridor, Orange Garden, Garden of the Nature, Park of Harmonious Guests, Plaza of Shopping and Foods, GYM Center, Relaxation Resort and Wildlife Park. And an even more beautiful Orange Island will surely bring more pleasure to every tourist.


The isle has been a popular site for spending summer vacations for a long time. During his youth, Mao Zedong spent a lot of time walking on the beach, swimming and sunbathing. There is also a grand white marble monument, on which there are two seal cuttings: four Chinese characters Ju Zi Zhou Tou (Orange Isle) and a classical Chinese poem QinYuan Chun-Changsha, both of which are Mao Zedong's works.

Seen from the peak of Mount Yuelu, Orange Island is like a black silk ribbon lying in the middle of the river and like a dark yellowish green barrier while seen from the river bank.As the world's longest inland river isle, Orange Island connects the Mount Yuelu in the west and the downtown in the east, with a length of 5km and a width of 50-200 meters and a total area of 70 square kilometers. Orange Island comprises three nearly-connected isles: upper isle, middle isle and lower isle. The upper isle is called Ox-head Isle and middle isle Land-and-water Isle, while the lower isle is called Fujia Isle. Orange Island at present includes Ox-head Isle and Land-and-water Isle.

Located in the heart of the Xiangjiang River across the urban area of Changsha City in Hunan Province, the Orange Island Scenic Area is the largest famous island in the Xiangjiang River. From south to north, it runs across the river center and faces Yuelu Mountain in the west. It is adjacent to Changsha City in the east, surrounded by water and stretches tens of miles. Its narrow part is about 40 meters wide and its wide part is about 140 meters wide. Its shape is a long island, being a national key scenic spot.

In 1925 (14th year of the Republic of China), Comrade Mao Zedong returned to Hunan from Guangdong Province to lead the peasant movement. During the cold autumn season, he re-visited Orange Island and wrote the famous poem "Qinyuanchun • Changsha".

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