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Where and What to buy in Changsha

Changsha is the capital city of Hunan Provice which is the hometown of Chairman Miao. Nowadays, more and more people in the world travel to Changsha. When tourists travel to a new city, they will meet many problems,what to buy  and where to buy are two of the problems. Here we introduce you some best places and products for shopping in Changsha as below.

What to buy in Changsha ?

 Chrysanthemum Stone
This natural stone is amazing with its white inclusions embedded in the grey/black stone. The layers of 'petals' radiate to the outside in beautiful shapes on a stalk giving a chrysanthemum-like appearance, hence its name. Artists carve the stones into different shapes resembling flowers, birds, animals and other artistic figures. These artworks come in sizes from small objects to huge screens and are sold as decorative ornaments.

 Xiang Embroidery 
Xiang Embroidery in Changsha is well renowned in China. Hand embroidery craft items such as clothes, bags, wall hangings, handkerchiefs and other decorative items are popular souvenir for travelers.

 Liuyang Fireworks
Fireworks originated in Chin's splendid Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) and reached the height of their popularity in the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279). During the lunar New Year, Chinese people light auspicious fireworks to drive away evil spirits and they are a popular choice to create a festive atmosphere. The fireworks produced in Liuyang are said to be the best in China for their quality and variety, and are exported to different countries around the world.

Popular Shopping Places in Changsha City

▲ Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street --- Famous Business Street
South Huangxing Road is an old street with a history of hundreds years in Changsha. This business street could reflect old Changsha. In this commercial zone, there are 2 street full of various products with generic brands. People who go shopping here do not need to bargain. They could find many discounted products. This is the most popular shopping street in Changsha. 
Transportation: Take Bus No.202, 314, 908 and Tourism Line 2 and get off at South Gate Stop

 Wuyi Square Business District

Wuyi Square Business District, regarded as the No 1 business circle in Changsha, is the most sophisticated and flourishing CBD in the city. The retail sale in this district is more than 10% of the total amount of the city. The average sum of guest flow reaches to 300,000 persons every day. Wangfujing Department Store, Pinghetang Shopping Mall, Youyi (Friendship) Department Store, Spring Department Store, Lehecheng Shopping Center, New World Shopping Mall, Gome Electrical Appliance, Suning Electrical Appliance, Walmart, ect all settle down in this shopping district. Therefore, it attracts thousands of clients to go shopping. Wuyi Square Shopping District is the shopper’s paradise for several generation in Changsha. It is also the barometer of fashion in Changsha. 
Transportation: Take Bus No.6, 106, 109, 202, 303 ect, then get off at Huatu Education Stop or Tianping Street Cross Stop. 

▲ Wenmiaoping and Nanqiangwan—Youth & Fashion Shopping Street
The clothing store at this street distinctly defeat the original stationery stores in this street. A variety of small shops in the alley are strong in their own styles. Trendsetter could find their necessities in this street easily, such as T shirt with abstract logo, bright and colorful shoes, graffito-style flip-flops, Japanese or Korean style backpack, alternative clothing, ect. The clothes or dress people buy in this street keep up with trend of fashion. It is not easy to clash with others. People could spend one afternoon to shopping around in this small street. 
Transportation: Take Bus No. 122, 134, 406, 804, 901, 906, 908 ect and get off at Changjun Middle School Stop.

▲ Wenyun Street and Changkang Road--- gray market
It is regarded as the foreign trade product distribution center. Some brand or products which people can not find in some large department store, such as Bailian and New World, but they might find a imitation, which just follows the international fashion trend. If you have sharp eyes and recognize talent, you can find and buy some good products. 
Transportation: Take Bus No 12, 109, 301, 312, 314, 317 ect and then get off at Niuer Education Stop. 

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