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Top Beaches in China

China has a coastline stretching over 18,000 km,its shores are touched by the waters of the Bohai, the Huanghai, the East China and the South China seas.With distinct characteristics, China beaches are very attractive. Nothing could be better than having a splendid bathing in the clean and cool sea water while enjoy the sunlight.On hot summer days, it's time to relax yourself in the sun and beach resorts in China. In this page ,we will list the most recommended China best beaches to visit if you plan your China Tours.

Beaches in Sanya of Hainan Province

Situated on the southern of China-Hainan Province, Sanya is a noted tropical beach in china with mountains, sea, river and city. It is said that Sanya beaches is the most beautiful and the best beach resorts in China. Here you can enjoy a unique tropical oceanic landscape that is totally different from the other provinces of China. Sanya spares its efforts to entertain its guests with a variety of seafood and delicious tropical fruits all the year round. All of the destinations of Sanya tours are linked to water, hence it attains its reputation as being the "oriental Hawaii".

Top Beaches in Sanya

Haitang Bay
                           Haitang Bay
                        Dadonghai Bay                           Tianya Haijiao
Sanya Bay
Yalong BaySanya
                              Sanya Bay
                               Yalong Bay                     Wuzhizhou Island

Best Time to Visit Sanya Beaches

The best time to visit Sanya China beaches is from March to May or October to November when the Chinese New Year and Christmas crowds are gone and rain becomes less frequent.

Beaches in Haikou of Hainan

Haikou, the capital of Hainan Province, is the China's second largest island.As one of the most famous China sea beach resort,Haikou beaches enjoy a long coastline that features excellent bathing beaches and sea side resorts. Holiday Beach is the most popular of these, while Xixiu Beach is where the National sailing and windsurfing teams train and hold competitions.The downtown area of the city has an excellent environment with streets lined with coconut palms. Here there are modern and convenient public transport facilities and all that is best in a tropical seaside city that is pollution free and that meets the needs of the tourist in a friendly and welcoming way.

Top Beaches in Haikou

Haikou2.jpgShimei Bay.jpg
                               Haikou Holidya Beach                                            Shimei Bay 

Best Time to Visit Haikou Beach

Haikou has evolved from a simple sightseeing city to an attractive seaside resort and business center. The services for visitors to the city are being extended with the aim of establishing Haikou as Southern China's key center for tourism.Generally speaking, the best time to visit Haikou China beaches is between November and the following April.

Beaches in Beihai of Guangxi

Beihai City, located in the southern end of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is adjacent to Guangdong Province in the east, bordering Hainan Province to the south, sharing the boundary with Vietnam in the west.Beihai Silver Beach is reputed to be the best beach in China for its advantages of even length, fine and white sand, clean and warm water and gentle waves, as well as being safe and free from sharks in swimming area. When the sun shines on the river, the water is just like silver glistening on the surface which creates a dreamlike view. Weizhou and Xieyang islets are separated from each other by sea for nine nautical miles and known as the Greater and Lesser Fabled Abodes of Immortals. The beaches are good for swimming and the islets feature marine abrasion rocks of fantastic shapes.

                                    Beihai Sliver Beach
                                             Wezhou Island

Best time to visit Beihai Beaches

Beihai includes a monsoon-influenced climate with subtropical maritime feature. It is indeed warm in winter and cool in summer, rich in sunshine and precipitation. The annual mean temperature is 22.9℃(73.22℉). As most rainfall concentrated on summer, it is imperative to bring an umbrella all the time during your trip here. While in autumn the weather here is refreshing and dry, and the temperature is moderate and even in winter the average temperature reaches 15℃(59℉). The annual precipitation is 1670mm here. Besides, the city enjoys an extremely clean air condition, in which the quantity of negative oxygen ions in the air is 50-100 times that of inland cities.

Beaches in Qingdao of Shandong

Qingdao is a beautiful seaside city on the southern coast of the Shandong Peninsula bordering on the Yellow Sea and the Jiaozhou Bay. With its beautiful climate, Qingdao beaches are well-known as the summer and health beach resort in China.The view of bright sunshine, blue water and wide beaches attracts many regular visitors from both home and abroad year upon year. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Qingdao attracts many tourists with its charming seascape. Sights like the Eight Passes Villas, the Zhan Bridge, Wusi Square, Mt. Laoshan, will help you remember Qingdao. Just walking on the sand and listening to the surf breaking on the beach becomes enjoyable. Qingdao offers food with distinctive flavors--especially seafood. Also, Qingdao is the home of the famous Qingdao (Tsingtao) Beer. Have a bottle of pure Qingdao Beer right here in Qingdao.

Golden Sand Beach
Qingdao Seashore Scenic Area
                             Qingado Golden Sand Beach
                             Qingdao Seashore

Best Time to Visit Qingdao Beaches

The best time to visit Qingdao China beaches is in the spring and autumn when the weather is mild and the scenery is at its best. Summer is the best time for sailing, swimming and sunbathing. The sun is very strong during the summer. Moreover,the Qingdao International Beer Festival is held every year in the mid-August for ten days. During the beer festival, there are lots of live entertainment and beer drinking.

Beaches in Dalian of Liaoning Province

With numerous green squares, forest parks and seaside scenic spots to the city,Dalian Beaches are one of China best beaches for visitors and water sports lovers.Shopping is also a must on your Dalian tour, so don't forget to choose some sea products and beautiful decorations for you or your friends and relatives back home.Top 3 recommended beaches in China Dalian are Jinshitan Scenic Area,Fujiazhuang Beach and Tiger Beach.

Jinshitan Scenic AreaTiger Beach  Ocean Park,Laohutan Ocean ParkBangchuidao Scenic AreaBangchuidao Scenic Area
                      Jinshitan Beach            Tiger Beach                 Bangchuidao Beach 

Best Time to Visit Dalian Beaches

The best time to visit Dalian China beaches is from May to October.The summer period from July to early September has an average temperature of around20C (68F) and in the hottest month of August thousands of people come to the southern seashore in the city to enjoy the sunshine, the sea and exciting water sports.

Beaches in Qinghuangdao of Hebei 

Qinhuangdao, a beautiful coastal resort in North China, has a great reputation for the perfect, natural, all-weather Port of Qinhuangdao, distinguished and historical Shanhaiguan Pass and the ever stunning summer holiday resort, Beidaihe. It has abundant tourist resources, including forests, rivers, lakes, springs, beaches, harbors, temples,gardens, villas, and ancient passes through its mountains. However, the Great Wall and the seashore must be the first temptations for most visitors to that city.

Beidaihe Scenic AreaDove Nest ParkTiger Stone Park
      Beidaihe Scenic Area        Dove Nest Park       Tiger Stone Park

Best Time to visit Qinghuangdao Beaches

Summer climate in Qingdao is much cooler than most other cities in China, making it a first class summer resort. May to October is the golden season to visit Beidaihe. Other scenic areas are best visited from June to August, when the natural scenery is at its best.

Beaches in Shenzhen of Guangdong Province

shenzhen2.jpgShenzhen is located in the Pearl River Delta, bordering Hong Kong to the south, Dongguan to the north and northwest, and Huizhou to the north and northeast. It is 160km away from Guangzhou and 35km from Hong Kong.Shenzhen is one of China major ports for foreign trade and international exchanges, and China earliest special economic zone and newly-rising tourist city. Here visitors can enjoy advanced tourist facilities and convenient entry procedures. Its scenic spots are featured by both ethnicity and modernity. Many large events including China Hi-tech Expo are held here every year.

Xiaomeisha Beach Resort is regarded as 'Oriental Hawaii'. It is surrounded by green mountains on three sides, with one side facing the sea. At the edge of the sea the sandy beach is like a crescent set between the blue sky and the vast ocean. The blue sea extends to tens of thousands of miles away and the exuberant coconut palms dances on the shore. This beach, resplendent with multicolored umbrellas, stretches for 1,000m and is famed for its clean bathing water. The resort lies to the east of Dapeng Bay, about 30 kilometers from Shenzhen city center. 

Beaches in Hong Kong of China

Hongkong.jpgHong Kong is a special administrative region of China . It is located on south coast of China, 60 km  east of Macau on the opposite side of the Pearl River Delta, north to Shengzhen. It boards Guangdong city of Shenzhen to the north over the Shenzhen River, Wanshan Islands of Zhuhai in Guangdong Province to the south. It consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories and other 262 small islands.

Repulse Bay is must-go while you travel in Hong Kong because it is one of the best resorts to spend you holiday in Hong Kong. Here,the wide crescent-shaped stretch and wave-lapped beach is popular with locals and visitors alike and great for sandy strolls early morning or at sunset when all is at peace. As well as sun, sea and sand, there are plenty of diversions nearby. The former colonial style Repulse Bay Hotel and the ornate Life Guard Club built in traditional Chinese style are all there for you to explore. Repulse Bay enjoys the most convenient transportation.

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