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Top Deserts in China

Desert is a landscape or region that receives almost no precipitation. Deserts are defined as areas with an average annual precipitation of less than 250 millimetres per year, or as areas where more water is lost by evapotranspiration than falls as precipitation. In this page,we will list the 5  most beautiful deserts in China.

No.5: Tengger Desert in Ningxia

ShapotouTengger Desert (腾格里沙漠) is the fourth largest desert in China. It is located in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and joins the border of Ningxia at Zhongwei City. It has many lakes; Moon Lake is one of the most beautiful. Shapotou Desert is located on the southern edge of the Tengger Desert. It is the site of the world-renowned Shapotou Desert Experimental Research Station. There is also singing sand in Shapotou. Thousands of domestic tourists descend upon Shapotou each year to enjoy the natural scenery and partake in various activities on and around the 100-metre high dunes.It has a width of 2,000 meters and a height of 100 meters with an inclination of 60 degrees. When standing at the foot of the sand hills, you can see what looks like a waterfall, but is actually sand.

No.4 : Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Lake Park in Dunhuang

The Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Lake Nature Park is located at southern outskirt of Dunhuang city, about 6 kilometers away from central city, 4.1 kilometers from Dunhuang Museum, 12.7 kilometers from Mogao Caves, 74.7 kilometers from Yadang National  Mingsha Mountain & Yueya LakeGeo Park.The Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Lake Nature Park is a popular attraction in Dunhuang to expore stunning desert scenery and take part in exciting sand dunes activities. The park consists of the Mingsha Mountain and the Crescent Lake surrounded by sand dunes of Mingsha Mountains. Dunhuang is also known as Shazhou (Town of Sand) in ancient time. This is how it gained the name.

For people who want to take a short stay in desert, the Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Lake Nature Park is the best choice. It is close to the downtown of Dunhuang, without the harsh and extreme climate and convenient facilities are equipped. The easy walking trails allow different ages of tourists to explore the desert. Besides, many interesting sand dunes activities are available if you want to try something exciting.

No.3: Gurbantünggüt Desert in Xinjiang

古尔班通古特沙漠,4.jpgGurbantunggut Desert 古尔班通古特沙漠, located in the center of Junggar Basin, to the east of the Manas River and south of the Ulungur River. With an area of 48,800 square meters, the desert is the second largest desert in China,after Taklamakan Desert, which is located in the Tarim Basin. Its climate is temperate. Its eco-environment is very fragile, and the impact of human activities on the eco-environment, including the building of a trans-desert highway, has been increasingly significant.The sand hills in the desert are 300 to 600 meters above sea level.

Occupies a large part of the Dzungarian Basin in northern Xinjiang, in China, Gurbantünggüt Desert  is also called by some sources as Dzoosotoyn Elisen Desert, presumably from a Mongolian language.

No.2: Taklimakan Desert in Xinjiang

Taklimakan Desert4.jpgTaklimakan Desert is the most mysterious among all of the deserts in China, being attractive and dangerous. It is a place to make inquiries to life, and its name means that you will never want to go out if you come.

In 1970’ and 1980’, mummies were found in this dangerous China desert Taklimakan. The highest temperature there reaches 67.2 degree, and the temperature of this desert in China varies greatly between day and night, about 40 degree. It is the second largest quick desert in the world.

It is the fastest quick desert in china, composed by quick sand dunes. The sand peaks are magnificent and sands are smooth with golden colors.

Diaopuoliang is the typical scenery of the Takelamagan Desert, which is 39 meters high. Its changeable appearance and different image has brought many unique types of scenery for tourists. Therefore, Takelamagan Desert in China will leave an impressive memory to its travelers.

No.1 : Badain Jaran Desert in Inner Mongloia

Badanjilin Desert5.jpgCovering an area of 49,000 square kilometers, Badain Jaran Desert is the third largest desert in China and the forth largest in the world. It located in Araxan League of north China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.With an area of 47,000 square kilometers, the desert has the tallest sand hill at over 500 meters, so it is also called the "Qomolangma of Deserts".There are numerous moon-shaped and pyramid-shaped sand dunes and all kinds of sand hills with an average height of over 200 meters. Its queer peaks, sound-sand, lakes and springs are called the "four features" of Badain Jaran Desert. Round about the lakes grow narrow vegetation belts, often with reeds sprouting up in the shallows and providing a temporary perch for foraging birds. Badain Jaran Desert's lakes have been called the "Jiangnan of the Desert", Jiangnan being a geographical (but not political, or administrative) term to describe one of China's most fertile old regions, the region just south of the Yangtze River in eastern China .

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