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Top Canyons in China

The Top Five Most Beautiful Cayons in China are voted by people in the activities of “Beautiful China” held by Chinese National Geography Magazine. In this passage, we will show you the most beautiful canyons in China.

No.1: Golden Whip Stream in Zhangjiajie

Jinbian Gorge3.jpgThe Golden Whip Stream, located in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park,  is known as a stream that will never become dry when drought strikes and the water in it will remain crystal clear even after continuous rain. This stream runs in the beautiful valley which is 7.5 kilometers long. If we compare Zhangjiajie to a beautiful lady, then the golden whip stream is just like a blue silk ribbon worn by the lady, which makes all the peculiar pinnacles and beautiful waters of Zhangjiajie scenic area even more fascinating.Many celebrities have written about this beautiful valley. Shen Congwen, a renowned writer calls it a pretty maiden of Zhangjiajie. Mr. Wu Guanzhong, a famous painter, who was the first person to make Zhangjiajie known to the outside world with his writings and paintings, calls it a land of fairytales. Now let’s walk along this stream and have a close look at it.

Zhangjiajie CANYON.jpgNo.2: Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in Hunan

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is located in Cili county of Zhangjiajie city, South Central China’s Hunan Province. It is in close vicinity to Wulingyuan scenic area. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is much favored by explorers and lovers of great outdoor from home and abroad, by featuring typical Zhangjiajie landform, breathtaking cliffs, lush forests, ancient caves, colorful ponds, and a river running through the canyon. What’s more, visitors can expect all sorts of sceneries of the north temperate zone here. Therefore the canyon is ideal for exciting adventures by hiking, boating, challenging the strop sliding, and walking on the world’s highest, longest glass bridge.

No.3: Enshi Grand Canyon in Hubei Province

enshi canyon.jpgEnshi Grand Canyon is located in Tunbao Town, 50km away from Downtown Enshi City, Enshi Tujia & Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Southwest of Hubei Province.The Enshi Grand Canyon is a part of the Qing River Grand Canyon. Located along the 400-kilometer long Qing River, the grand canyon, which runs from Tunbao Town to Mufu Town, is well-known for its steep cliffs and perilous peaks.Enshi Grand Canyon is about 108 kilometers. With steep canyon walls overlooking the rushing river water and over 200 karst cave formations throughout the area, there are many interesting geographical sights to see. Walking along the river, you can also see the animals that make their homes among the caves and cliffs.There are more than 30 independent peaks towering at heights over 200 meters within the 6 square kilometers surrounded by the Dalou Gate, Zhonglou Gate, and Xiaolou Gate in Mufu Town.

No.4: Jinkou Grand Canyon in Sichuan

Jinkou Canyon1.jpgJinkou Gorge is located on a dramatically rising section of the earth's crust in the eastern part of the Hengduan Mountain, moreover it is where the elevation difference between the first and second steps of China's 'geological staircase' is greatest, and is predominantly composed of horizontally stratified hard dolomite. These factors make it one of the most classical examples of a Zhang valley and ravine on China's large rivers, characterized by near vertical slopes, a deep and narrow floor almost completely taken up by the riverbed. The tributary channels feeding in on both sides are fathomless, narrow and precipitous beyond description. The entrance to the Jinkou Gorge has an unusual three-way access: running parallel to the Dadu River are the Jinkou-Wushihe (Wushi River) Road and Chengdu-Kunming Railway, and winding through the perilous mountains is the Leshan-Xichang Road built during the Second World War.

No.5: Longtan Grand Canyon in Henan

Longtan Grand CanyonLongtan Grand Canyon,about 60 km away from Luoyang City, is situated on Huludao Island, in north of Xin'an County,Henan Province.The landscape of it is dominated typical red rock gorge geological scenery. It enjoys the reputation of "The No.1 Valley of Narrow Gorges in China". Longtan Grand Canyon was listed as the World's Geopark in 2006, an it was upgraded to an AAAAA national scenic area of China in January 2013.Longtan Grand Canyon is an important part of Dai Mei Mountain World Geopark in Luoyang. It is a U-shaped valley marked by a stripe of purplish red quartz sandstone and typical red rock geological landscape. The whole canyon has a length of about 12 kilometers. This canyon has gone through 1.2 billion years of geologic sedimentation and 260 years of water erosion.

Baishuidong Canyon,新邵白水洞景区No.7: Baishuidong Canyon in Hunan

Baoshuidong Canyon is a scenic area which is located in Gaoqiao Township,12km north to downtown Xinshao County of Shaoyang City.The canyon of Baishuidong is well known as its beautiful scenery.The steam comes from mountains and snakes about 10km in the canyon.Here,you can see crystal water,rich forest,wonderful waterfalls,and the ancient temples,such as Hanbi Temple,Taohua Temple,Pianshi Temple,Waterfall Spring,Luoyan Pool.All of them make this beautiful scenic area attract vistors from home and abroad.

No.8: Zhedong Grand Canyon in Zhejiang Province

Zhedong Garnd Canyon, is located in north of Huading Mountain,Ninghai County, east of Zhejiang Province. With beautiful natural scenery and crystal water, it is a paradise for visitors to spend summer holiday.Zhedong Grand Canyon Scenic Area includes 8 scenic spots,such as Baixi Lake, Baixi Stream Dasong Stream, Shuangfeng Forest Park. It has been opened to tourists about 3 km only. Tourisits can have Baixi Lake cruise at first, and then hike to the Moon Bay in the Zhedong Grand Canyon.

Baixi Lake: With green and crystal water sur, Baixi Lake is a man-made lake which was built in 1970s. It will take you half hour by boat from the Jetty to the entrance of the Zhedong Grand Canyon.

No.9: Baili Canyon in Hebei

Yesanpo Scenic AreaBaili Canyon is located in the southeastern portion of Yesanpo Scenic Area, Hebi Province.Here, you will find three deep canyons which extend 130 miles. Together they are called "Baili Canyon", a name which describes the canyon as being over one-hundred miles long. The canyon is a natural gallery which depicts an imposing, unique and secluded picture. Visitors are awed by the succession of fascinating natural wonders. Many sights have been given names which depict their appearance. For example, Laohu Zui, or "Tiger's Mouth", is a huge intimidating rock. "A Gleam of Sky" is a seam between two hills, where at the narrowest point one can just barely squeeze through the two hills. Owing to its enchanting beauty, many large-scale TV series such as "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Journey to the West" and "All Men Are Brothers" have chosen this place as one of their shooting locations.

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