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History of China

China is one of the world's most ancient civilizations with a recorded history of nearly 5,000 years. A fossil anthropoid unearthed in Yuanmou in Yunnan Province, "Yuanmou Man," who lived approximately 1.7 million years ago, is China's  earliest primitive man known so far. "Peking Man," who lived in the Zhoukoudian  area near Beijing 600,000 years ago, was able to walk upright, make and use  simple tools, and knew how to make fire. The Neolithic Age started in China  about 10,000 years ago, and relics from this period can be found all over the  country. Artificially grown rice and millet as well as farming tools have been  found in the remains of Hemudu Site in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, and Banpo Site, near Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, respectively. These relics date back some 6,000 - 7,000 years.

Chinese History Chronology





 Prehistoric Times1.7 million years ago - the 21st century BCrecorded leaders include Yellow Emperor, Yao, Shun...around the Yellow River and Yangtze River in central China
 Xia21st - 17th century BCYu the Great

Anyi ( in Yuncheng, Shanxi); Yangcheng (in todays's Dengfeng, Zhengzhou, Henan); Yangdi (in todays's Yuzhou, Henan); Zhenxun (in Luoyang, Henan)

 Shang17th century BC - 1046 BCTangBo (in Shangqiu, Henan); Yin (in Anyang, Henan)
 Zhou1046 - 256 BC

Western Zhou1046 BC - 771 BCKing Wu (Ji Fa)Fengjing and Haojing (in today's Xian, Shaanxi)
Eastern Zhou770 - 256 BCKing Ping (Ji Yijiu)Luoyi (today's Luoyang)

 --- Spring 

& Autumn Period

770 - 476 BC

 --- Warring States Period475 - 221 BC

 Qin221 - 207 BCQin Shi Huang
(Ying Zheng / Zhao Zheng)
Xianyang (in today's Xianyang and Xian of Shaanxi)
 Han202 BC - 220 ADLiu Bang
Western Han202 BC - 9 ADLiu BangChang'an (today's Xian)
Xin Dynasty9 - 23 ADWang MangChang'an (today's Xian)
Eastern Han25 - 220 ADLiu XiuLuoyang
 Three Kingdoms220 - 280 AD

Kingdom of Wei220 - 265 ADCao PiLuoyang
Kingdom of Shu221 - 263 ADLiu BeiChengdu
Kingdom of Wu222 - 280 ADSun QuanJianye (today's Nanjing, Jiangsu)
 Jin265 - 420 ADSima Yan
Western Jin265 - 316 ADSima YanLuoyang
Eastern Jin317 - 420 ADSima RuiJiankang (Nanjing, Jiangsu)

Five Hus 

& Sixteen States

304 - 439 AD

 Southern and Northern Dynasties420 - 589 AD

Southern Dynasties420 - 589 AD

 --- Song420 - 479Liu YuJiankang (today's Nanjing)
 --- Qi479 - 502Xiao DaochengJiankang (Nanjing)
 --- Liang502 - 557Xiao YanJiankang (Nanjing)
 --- Chen557 - 589Chen BaxianJiankang (Nanjing)
Northern Dynasties386 - 581 AD

 --- Northern Wei386 - 534Tuoba GuiPingcheng (today's Datong, Shanxi); Luoyang
 --- Eastern Wei534 - 550Yuan Shanjian (actually controlled by Gao Huan)Yecheng (in Linzhang, Handan, Hebei)
 --- Western Wei535 - 557Yuan Baoju (actually controlled by Yuwen Tai)Chang'an (today's Xian)
 --- Northern Qi550 - 577Gao YangYecheng (in Linzhang, Handan, Hebei)
 --- Northern Zhou557 - 581Yuwen JueChang'an (today's Xian)
 Sui581 - 618 ADYang JianDaxing (in today's Xian, Shaanxi); Luoyang
 Tang618 - 907 ADLi YuanChang'an (today's Xian); Luoyang

 Five Dynasties

    & Ten States

907 - 960 AD
Bianliang (Kaifeng, Henan); Luoyang
 --- Later Liang907 - 923 ADZhu Wen (Zhu Quanzhong / Zhu Huang)Bianliang (Kaifeng)
 --- Later Tang923 - 936 ADLi CunxuLuoyang
 --- Later Jin936 - 946 ADShi JingtangBianliang (Kaifeng)
 --- Later Han947 - 950 ADLiu ZhiyuanBianliang (Kaifeng)
 --- Later Zhou951 - 960 ADGuo WeiBianliang (Kaifeng)
Ten States902 - 979 AD

 Song960 - 1279 ADZhao Kuangyin
Northern Song960 - 1127 ADZhao KuangyinBianjing (Kaifeng)
Southern Song1127 - 1279 ADZhao GouNanjing (today's Shangqiu, Henan); Lin'an (Hangzhou)
 Liao907 --- 1125 ADYelü AbaojiShangjing (Baarin Left Banner, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia)
Western Xia Dynasty1038 - 1227 ADLi YuanhaoXingqing (today's Yinchuan, Ningxia)
 Jin1115 - 1234 ADWan-yen A-ku-ta (Wanyan Aguda / Wanyan Min)Huining (Harbin, Heilongjiang); Zhongdu (today's Beijing); Bianjing (Kaifeng)
 Yuan1271 - 1368 ADKublai KhanDadu (today's Beijing)
 Ming1368 - 1644 ADZhu YuanzhangYingtian (today's Nanjing, Jiangsu); Shuntian (today's Beijing)
 Qing1644 - 1911 ADAisin Gioro Nurhachi / Hong Taiji / Fulin (Emeror Shunzhi)Beijing
 Republic of China1911-1949?
Nanjing(Chongqing 1938-1945)
 People's Republic of China1949-Mao ZedongBeijing

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