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What to do at night in China?

 2015-06-03 10:54:21

Nightlife in China has a distinct personality of its own. Although nightlife is different in each tourism city,some popular events to do at night is very colorful in China,such as acrobatic shows, karaoke, disco dancing, a sprinkle of naughtiness here and there, Chinese opera dinner shows, western-style bars and pubs, there's even a Louisiana-themed jazz bar/club downtown Beijing.In a country with so many influences and people to influence, the nightlife in China is bound to be eclectic, different and interesting.

Top Shows in China's Tourist Cities

Impression Liu SanjieTianmen Fox Fairy Charm West Hunan
       Impression Liu Sanjie          Tianmen Fox Fairy           Charm West Hunan


           Tang Dynasty Show        Impression Lijiang            Impression Yunnan


      Chinese Acrobatic Show           Chinese Kungfu Show              Beijing Opera