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Chongqing Shopping

Located in southwest China, the city of Chongqing is not as modern as Beijing or Shanghai. Chongqing still provides a superior shopping environment for locals and tourists alike. Rich in natural resources, it produces a great variety of local and special products including valuable traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and famous fruit, such as pears, navel oranges, pomeloes, and persimmons. It is famous for fine quality teas as well--among the most widely known are Chongqing Tuo Tea, Yinping Silver Needle Tea and Xinong Fur Tip Tea.

What to buy?

Shu Embroidery

Folk culture and traditional Chinese art compliment the modern offerings of Chongqing. Since the Southern Song Dynasty, Shu embroideries have been cited as one of the most famous embroideries in China and Chongqing's elaborate folding paper fans have been exported to foreign countries since the Qing Dynasty. The many various kinds of bamboo articles, brocade of Tujia minority and ink slabs from the Three Gorges also reflect the flavor of the local culture.

Where to buy?

Beside the Jiefangbei area and other commercial centers in the city center, Chongqing also has the West and North Paradise Walk, which are two large shopping squares in the core areas of Jiulongpo's commercial circle. They gather many modern shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment facilities, equipped with convenient public facility. Here is the selection of some popular marketplaces in this city where commodities can be easily bought. 

Chongqing Shopping.jpgJiefangbei commercial Pedestrian Street

Today, Jiefangbei is the central business district of the urban city and the center of economic development of Chongqing Municipality. The Jiefangbei commercial Pedestrian Street centers this well-known shopping area. Clusters of modern shopping malls and exclusive shops line the roadsides. Banks, theatres, KTV clubs, bookstores, hotels, bars and pubs are also quite easy to find. Some of the main buildings worth seeing include Chongqing Department Store, New Century Department Store, Commercial Mansion, Friendship Shopping Center, Carrefour Supermarket and New Oriental Women Plaza. 
Chaotianmen Market

Located on East Jiefang Road, it is the biggest market in this city. Dealing primarily in Garment wholesale, it is reported that goods traded in the market come from or are sold to more than 200 counties in Sichuan, Hubei and Hunan provinces. Shoppers can expect to find stylish clothes and very reasonable prices. Still, bargaining with the vendors in most stalls and shops will ensure a great deal!

Nanbin Road

Nanbin Road boasts a newly opened flower market that has become a leisure hotspot for locals and tourists. Over 100 flower shops, handicrafts stores and tea houses line both sides of the street. Flower houses in European and traditional Chinese styles provide a picturesque setting for enjoying the vibrant colors and scents of the merchants' offerings that await you. In addition to the various kinds of blossoms, you can also find many delicate potted plants. Located at the entrance of Huang Ge Du Park, Nan Bin Flower Market is a great place to unwind day or night.

Metropolitan Plaza (Pacific Department Store)
Address: No.68, Zourong Road, Yuzhong District
Description: It can be one of the earliest modern fashion malls in the city. There are shops in the third floor serving various delicacies. A popular skating rink can be found in the top floor. It neighbors the Pacific Department Store and customers can get around between them freely. They are all included to the detail and department stores business of the Far Eastern Group.

Far Eastern Department Store
Address: No.10, Beicheng Tianjie, Jiangbei District
Description: As another department store of Far Eastern Group with nice shopping environment, it is among the top market places for shopping in Jiangbei District of Chongqing.

Wanfujing Department Store
Diwang Square (Diwang Guangchang), No.166, Minzu Road, Yuzhong District
Sanxia Square (Sanxia Guangchang), No.29, Xiaoxin Street, Shapingba District

New Century Department Store
No.37, North Xinjian Road, Jiangbei District
Yangjiaping Pedestrian Street, Jiulongpo District
Basement 1, Gengxin Huayuan, No.63, Tianxingqiao Zhengjie, Shapingba District
5F, New Century, No.123, Zourong Road, Yuzhong District

Basement 1, Binxin Shijicheng, No.26, Yangjiaping Pedestrian Street, Jiulongpo District
No.2, Jinguangyin Square (Jinguanyin Guangchang), West Xinjian Road, Jiangbei District
New Chongqing Plaza, No.22, Minzu Road, Yuzhong District

No.2, Xijiao Sancun, Yangjiaping, Jiulongpo District
Opposite to Ziyou Gangwan, Jiangbei District (below B&Q)
1F, Guorui Cheng, No.1000, Songqing Road, Dadukou District
No.60, West Nanping Road, Nan'an District

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