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Zhangjiakou Travel Guide

Hebei MapPlan Zhangjiakou tour and travel? We will introduce Zhangjiajie City in this page.Zhangjiakou City,located in the northwest of Hebei Province, is adjacent to Beijing, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia with a distance of 118 kilometers and 180 kilometers from Beijing and Datong in Shanxi Province.

Zhangjiakou Facts
Chinese Name: 张家口 (zhāng jiā kǒu)
Population: 4,500,000
Area: 36,873 square kilometers (14,237 square miles)
Nationalities: Han, Hui, Man, Mongol

History of Zhangjiakou

Zhangjiakou is a time-honored city north of the Great Wall inhabited by many ethnic minorities. In Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC), its north part was inhabited by the Huns, while the South part was the territory of the Yan Kingdom. It had been divided into two shires in Sui Dynasty (581-618) and has brought into the domain of the central regime of China.


The city slopes downwards from the northwest to southeast. The Yinshan Mountains traverse the center of the city and naturally separate it into two parts. The north part is located in the south edge of Mongolian Plateau, and the south part is in the transition area between the North China Plain and Mongolian Plateau with hills as its main topography. The prairies provide good conditions for the development of cash crops and stock raising.

Administrative Division: 
13 counties: Xuanhua, Zhangbei, Kangbao, Guyuan, Shangyi, Yuxian, Yangyuan, Huai’an, Wanquan, Huailai, Zhuolu, Chicheng, Chongli
4 districts: Qiaodong, Qiaoxi, Xuanhua, Xiahuayuan
2 administrative areas: Chabei and Saibei, Economy Development Zone (Gaoxin District)

What to see in Zhangjiakou?

Located in northwest of Hebei Province,Zhangjiakou boasts many historic and cultural relics,and some natural sites.Here lists Zhangjiakou top attractions.

Dajing GateJimingyiZhangbei Grassland
        Dajing Gate      Jiming Post House     Zhangbei Grassland

Dajing Gate is regarded as the No. 1 Gate of the Great Wall. Located in north of the city, it has been a must-go spot. It actually is one of the four important passes of China Great Wall.

Bashang Prairie in Zhangbei County was a hunting ground of the emperors in Qing Dynasty, which is a well preserved resort for appreciating the beautiful prairie landscape.

Small Wutai Mountain is a comprehensive tourist destination boasting forest parks, gorges, crags, peaks, caves, and strange stones that worth of exploring. 

Cuiyunshan Skiing Resort is a perfect winter resort located in the Heping Forest Park lying along Cuiyun Mountain with skiing duration from November to March the next year.

Other scenic spots: Genting Resort Secret Garden, Tianmo Desert, Zhangbei Grassland, Jiming Post House,Nuanquan Ancient Town, Qingyuan Tower, Yunquan Temple, Woniu Mountain Scenic Area, Water Villa.

How to get there?

This city of Zhangjiakou  has a developed transport system consisting of flights, trains, long-distance buses, city buses and taxis. As the co-host city for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games with Beijing, transport between the two cities will be improved. Currently, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High Speed Railway is under construction. When finished in 2019, the rail travel time between will be greatly shortened to 50 minutes or so.

Visitors can shuttle between Zhangjiakou South Railway Station and Beijing, Datong within about four and five hours by train. Also, there are many buses dispatched every 30 minutes from Zhangjiakou to other cities in Hebei or around.

When to visit Zhangjiakou?

Zhangjiakou has a continental monsoon climate with four distinctive seasons. Due to the Siberia anticyclone, the winter is dry, cold and long and the summer is hot and humid with the influence of the East Asian monsoon. The sunshine hour is between 2800-3100 hours. The monthly 24-hour average temperature ranges from−8.3 °C in January to 23.7 °C in July, and the annual mean is 8.81 °C .Zhangjiakou has several summer resorts for visitors, and the blue high sky and the light clouds in the prairies make the autumn a perfect tourist destination, either.

Tourist Festivals in Zhangjiakou

Wanlong Ski Festival : The Wanlong Ski Resort, Genting Resort Secret Garden, and Changchengling Skiing Field provide good conditions for skiing. Both professional skiers and amateurs would like to have fun in the ski resorts of Zhangjiakou.
Venue: Chongli County
Time: Dec. to Feb. every year
Zhangbei Music Festival
Many music stages are set on the grassland. Camping, entertainment and the grassland culture perfectly combine with music.
Venue: Zhangbei Zhongdu Grassland
Time:Late Jul. every year
Zhangjiakou Grape Festival
During the festival, tourists will have a chance to pick grapes and sip the local wine.
Venue: Huailai County
Time: Mid Sep. to mid Oct. every year

Zhangjiakou Travel Tips

Eating: Chaigoubu Bacon, Youmian Noodles and Huai’an Bean Curd Sheets are fantastic snacks. Besides, you can also taste the Eight Big Bowls of Yuxian County (Ba Da Wan) and Roasted Whole Lamb.

Shopping: Local products of Milk Grapes, Great Wall Wine, and Yuxian Paper-cuts are recommended. For comprehensive shopping, large shopping centers like Dida and Parkson, and supermarkets like Yonghui and Tesco will meet your demand.

Nightlife: Zhangjiakou's nightlife is not very bustling, but you still have some good places to go, such as the night markets, bars, and cinemas.Due to the great daily temperature differences in spring and autumn, visitors should wrap up warm at night.

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