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Luoyang City.jpgLuoyang is located in the western part of Henan Provicne, the south bank of the Yellow River, Central of China.Luoyang served as the capital for 13 dynasties over 1,500 years in ancient times.Luoyang was a world-renowned metropolitan area and the eastern start of silk road during the Sui & Tang Dynasties.Supplies were firstly gathered in Luoyang and then transported to different places across the world, a number of goods were also sent abroad along the silk road.History has left its mark on Luoyang, and there are a few very important historical sites here: Shaolin Temple, the home to kung fu, and inspiration for the popular film Kung Fu Panda, and the Longmen Grottoes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Facts of Luoyang

Location: west of Henan Province
Area: 15,208 sq km (3,757,979 acreages)
City flower: peony
Population: about 6,417,000
Area Code: 0379
Postal code: 471000

History & Culture

Luoyang was selected as the capital city starting from the Xia Dynasty (21st-16th century BC).Luoyang served as the capital for nine dynasties over a period of more than 1,500 years. 96 emperors from the prehistoric Xia Dynasty, through the Shang, Zhou, Cao Wei, Sui, Tang and Han Dynasties established their seat of power there. Luoyang's importance in history means that it has significant influence in China's cultural heritage.

Luoyang is one of the important birthplaces of the Chinese civilization. Culture in the Yellow River and the Luo River symbolized by the Pattern of the Yellow River and the Writing of Luoyang is regarded as a key origin of the ancient Chinese civilization.Its long history endows Luoyang with a profound sense of culture. The city is the cradle of Chinese civilization where many Chinese legends happened, such as Nvwa Patching the Sky, Dayu Controlling Flood and the Chinese ancestor Huangdi Establishing the Nation. The city is also famed as the 'Poets Capital' as poets and literates of ancient China often gathered there and left grand works, Longmen Grottoes including 'Book of Wisdom' ('Daode Jing'), 'Han History' ('Han Shu') and 'Administrative Theory of Admonishing Official' ('Zi Zhi Tong Jian'). Religious culture once thrived here. Taoism originated there and the first Buddhist temple set up by the government was located there. Luoyang is also the hometown of many of the scientific inventions of ancient China, such as the seismograph, armillary sphere, paper making, printing and the compass...More

Geography of Luoyang

Located in the west of Henan Province in central China, Luoyang occupies quite an important geographic location. It is in the middle reaches of the Yellow River and is encircled by mountains and plains. To its east and west are the Hu Lao Pass and Han Gu Pass which were essential domestic transportation junctions in ancient times. To its north, Mengjin County was an important ferry crossing of the Yellow River.

Administration Distribution
The prefecture-level city of Luoyang administers 6 districts, 1 county-level city and 8 more rural counties, including including Jianxi District, Xigong District, Laocheng District, Chanhe District, Luolong District, Jili District, Yanshi City, Mengjin County, Xin'an County, Luoning County, Yiyang County, Yichuan County, Song County, Luanchuan County, Ruyang County. 
In Luoyang city, Luohe River flow through the city from southwest to northeast. Historical cultural sires are mostly concentrated around the railway station in the Old Town; in the north of the city is the ancient tombs reserve areas. and parts of the peony gardens are sited here as well. In south of the city is home to the famous Longmen Grottoes.

What to see in Luoyang?

Luoyang has rich historical and cultural sites. The Longmen Grottoes are one of China's three most precious treasure houses of stone sculptures and inscriptions. The White Horse Temple is the first Buddhist temple and is honored as the "Cradle of Buddhism in China".  Mt. Mangshan is where ancient tombs of emperors, nobles and literates in the past dynasties collected. The Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum is the world's first example of the kind and presents thousands of treasures discovered in the tombs. Shaolin Temple is the place of origin for Chinese Zen Buddhism and the cradle of Chinese Martial Art. Landscapes in Luoyang hold the same attraction as the cultural sites. White Cloud Mountain, Funiu Mountain, Long Yu Wan National Forest Park, Ji Guan Limestone Cave and the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Scenic Area...More

Longmen GrottoesShaolin TempleWhite Horse Temple
             Longmen Grottoes            Shaolin Temple            White Horse Temple
Guanlin TempleLuoyang MuseumLuoyang Ancient Tombs Museum
                 Guanlin Temple                 Luoyang Museum       Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum
Luoyang Peony Garden Xiaolangdi hydropower stationLongtan Grand Canyon
          Luoyang Peony Garden            Xiaolangdi hydropower station              Longtan Grand Canyon 

When to visit Luoyang?

Luoyang has four seasons, with an average temperature of 59°F (15°C). Summers are hot, long and rainy, and summer clothing is appropriate until about September. The best time to visit is April, both for the weather and Luoyang's famous Peony Festival. Alternatively, October is also very pleasant, as summer becomes fall...More

How to get to Luoyang?

As one of the popular tourist cities in China,Luoyang is accessible by plane, train and long distance bus.There is an excellent public transport system in Luoyang City. Beijiao Airport has many domestic flights to many large cities in other provinces. With two railway stations and Longhai Railway (an important east-west rail trunk) passing through, trains are readily available to reach the city. Longmen Railway Station makes sightseeing convenient. Special tourist buses near the Railway Station stretch to nearby cities and scenic spots...More 

Luoyang Travel Tips

As one of the world "four Al-Quds (Jerusalem, Mecca, Luoyang, Athens)", Luoyang is one of the only in China that was named as "God is" the city, capital of China's earliest Most dynasties, the oldest capital city. It was released one of the the first batch of one of the historical and cultural cities by the State Council of China.And it is also the best tourist cities in China and "Chinese brands moving world city.

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