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Travel In Dengfeng

Dengfeng City.jpgDengfeng is a township which is smaller than Luoyang and Kaifeng in Henan Province, But the cultural connotation behind this place make it as a must-see place for both locals and travelers. The township is located in the Songshan Mountains, about 45 miles from the provincial capital, Zhengzhou, and 50 miles east of Luoyang. Located at the foot of Mt. Songshan, a birthplace of Shaolin Culture, Dengfeng is full of Chinese Kongfu smell. The city is one of the most renowned spiritual centres of China, home to various religious institutions and temples.

Dengfeng Facts

Chinese Name: 开封 (kāi fēng)
Population: 5,270,000
Total Area: 6,444 square kilometers
Urban Area: 359 square kilometers
Nationalities: Han, Hui

Zip Code: 475000
Area Code: 0378

What to see in Dengfeng?

Dengfeng is located in the middle of Henan Province, near to Zhengzhou. It is regarded as the home of Chinese Kungfu as Shaolin Temple is just in Dengfeng. Therefore, Dengfeng becomes famous tourism destination for many Chinese Kungfu Fans.

Mt.SongShaolin TempleSongyang Academy
             Songshan Mountain                Shaolin Temple            Songyang Academy

When to visit Dengfeng?

As Dengfeng is in the middle of the North China Plain, it has four distinct seasons Therefore; it is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. Although it is said it is suitable to travel to Dengfeng, Henan all the year round, we suggest tourists try to avoid summer and winter if your traveling time is flexiable. The Best Time to visit Dengfeng should be spring and Autumn. In spring, it becomes warm, flowers blossoming and tress turning green. With breeze, it is comfortable to visit Shaolin Temple and Mt. Songshan. In autumn, with the moderate temperature, it is a good time to climb Mt. Songshan to enjoy the wonderful autumn view. 

How to get to Dengfeng?

As a small city in the middle of China, Dengfeng is not remote. It is early to find way to get there through the nearby large city Zhengzhou or another tourism city Luoyang as it is just located between both cities. When you travel to China, how to get to Dengfeng and how to visit Shaolin Temple? Here are some information and tips about the transportation in Dengfeng. There are coaches from Dengfeng to many places within Henan Province. There are 2 main coach stations in Dengfeng.

Dengfeng Coach Station
Address: No 140, Zhongyue Street, Dengfeng
Telephone Number: +86 371 6285 7930
Note: Tourists could take Bus No 8 to Shaolin Temple and take Bus No 2 and No 6 to Songyang Academy from here
Dengfeng West Coach Station
Address: No 129, Zhongyue Street, Dengfeng

Dengfeng Travel Tips

1. When you visit to Dengfeng and travel to Mt. Songshan, please prepare enough warm coat. The temperature difference between day time and time is large at mountainous area. 
2. It is better to bring an umbrella or raincoat when you pack
3. Prepare some common medicine when travel to mountainous area
4. A pair of suitable and comfortable is necessary
5. There is a long walking distance from parking lot to Shaolin Temple. It takes about 20-30 minutes on foot. If you do not like walking for a long time, you could choose to take a golf cart from the parking lot to Shaolin Temple. 
6. When you visit to a religious site, such as temple, please follow to your local guide and avoid anything disrespectful. 

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