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shaanxi-map.jpgTongchuan, a prefecture-level city, is located in central Shaanxiprovince on the southern fringe of theLoess Plateau that defines the northern half of the province (Shanbei) and the northern reaches of the Guanzhong Plain. Today, Tongchuan has entered into a new era of accelerating and leapfrog development, and become one of the fast developing and the most dynamic cities in Shaanxi Province. A new industrial city with building materials as its main industry and an ecologically civilized city is rising. We warmly welcome personalities of various circles to come to Tongchuan for traveling, visiting and investing.

Tongchuan Facts

Chinese Name: 铜川市 (tóng chuān shì)
Population: 860,000
Area: 3,882 square kilometers (1,498 square miles)
Administrative Division: 3 districts (Wangyi, Yintai, Yaozhou); 1 county (Yijun); 1 Economy and Technology Development Zone

History of Tongchuan

Tongchuan belonged to the Yong State in the Xia Dynasty (21st - 16th century BC). It firstly appeared in the history as an administrative county in 155 BC of the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - 24). In the Three Kingdoms Period (220 - 280), it belonged to Beidi Shire of the Wei Kingdom. In 446, it was called Tongguan County. The name remained until 1946 when it was changed into Tongchuan, which then became a prefecture-level city in 1966.

Geography of Tongchuan

Located in middle Shaanxi Province, Tongchuan is to the northwest of Weinan, northeast of Xianyang and southeast of Yan'an.  It is where the Loess Plateau and Guanzhong (Middle Shaanxi) Basin connect.

What to see in Tongchuan?

With a long history, there are many scenic spots and historical sites in Tongchuan,such as the historical site of Yaozhou kiln, the Remains of Yuhua Palace,XiangshanTemple...and Xuejiazhai site—a revolutionary base in Zhaojin near the borders of Shaanxi and Gansu province, Tongchuan has become the main city in the northern travel line of Shaanxi Province. Here we list top Tongchuan attractions.

XiangshanYuhua Palace
Zhaojin Danxia Gepark
Xiangshan Temple
Yuhua Palace
Zhaojin Danxia Gepark
Chenlu TownYaozhou Kilin Musuem Yaowang Mt
Chenlu Ancient Town
            Yaozhou Kilin Musuem            Yaowang Mountain

When to visit Tongchuan?

Tongchuan City belongs to the warm continental climate. The average annual temperature is from 8.9C to 12.3C . Winter is cold and summer is hot. It's better to visit in spring or autumn when Tongchuan weather is pleasant.  On February 2nd in Chinese lunar calendar, the locals hold temple fair on Yaowang Mountain. In March and April in Chinese lunar calendar, Buddhism culture activities are held in Yuhua Palace. From January to February, the skiing festival is held on Yuhua Mountain. Those special activities can be good reference for you to decide when to go.

How to get to Tongchuan?

With only 68 km to the ancient capital city of Xi’an and to Xianyang International Airport, Tongchuan City has a very convenient position in transportation with Xi’an--Tongchuan and Tongchuan---Huangling highways running through the city and two railways of Xi’an--Tongchuan and Meiqi connected with the main railways of Longhai and Lanxin.

Tongchuan City is north to Xian and is the necessary pass from Xian to Huangdi Mausoleum in Yan'an. From Xian to Tongchuan, visitors can take a bus at Xian Chengbei Bus Station or Xian Bus Station beside the railway station. Middle sized buses or city buses can reach most of the tourist spots. Highways is the most important transportation infrastructure of Tongchuan. Nearly all counties and villages can be reached by bus from the city's bus stations such as Tongchuan Bus Station, Beiguan Bus Station and Yaozhou Bus Station.

Tongchuan Travel Tips

  1.  Tongchuan’s main industries are coal, building materials, machinery, textile and chemical and aluminium industry. Pottery and porcelain, withYaozhou Kilnproducts are particularly well known. Tongchuan also produces medicines and food products. Farm products include apples, hot peppers, Chinese prickly ash, garlic, flue-cured tobacco, walnuts and precious Chinese medicine herbs. Apple wine, apple vinegar, apple soft drink which are made of apples and processing products of hot pepper, walnut etc. are well known in China and are exported to Southeast Asia.

  2. Tongchuan City is an important industrial city and energy and building material base not only in Shaanxi Province, but also in the Northwest of China. In 2009, Tongchuan has been listed as one of the the second core cities in Guanzhong—Tianshui economic zone, the experimental city of sustainable development among the resource-based cities in China, the coordinate development experimental zone of nature, energy and economy of Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia revolutionary base, the hygiene city and tree planting model city of Shaanxi Province.

  3. Tongchuan Local Highlights: Tongchuan is famous for its Buddhism culture, health protection culture and ancient porcelain kiln sites. In addition, it produces 30% of the whole province's coal.

  4. Useful Telephone Numbers:
    Tourist Consultant: 0919-3183123
    Consumer Complaints: 0919-12315
    Traffic Accident: 0919-3286115
    First Aid Center: 0919-2159120

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