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Xi'an Bell Tower

The Bell Tower in Xi'an is currently China's largest, most magnificent buildings, the most complete preservation of the Ming Dynasty architecture. With its resplendent and magnificent majestic appearance, Xi'an Bell Tower standing in the city center where four avenues from different directions meet together, it was the landmark ancient city of Xi'an and known as the "Pearl of the Ancient City ".

The Bell Tower in Xi'an was built In 1384 of the Ming Dynasty.  The emperor Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang ordered that each city of the whole nation should build a bell tower to overawe the world.  At that time, this place, the north and south gate were standing in the same line and the bell tower was in the middle of the latter two gates. And this is the so-called city center. After the relocation of the bell tower was completed, Gong Maoxian wrote the song of bell tower and embedded it in the bell tower. In the fifth year of  Qing Emperor Qianlong  ( 1740), the governor Zhang Kai rebuilt the tower according to the original structure of the early Ming dynasty, only removed the "JingYun Tower" outside to make its heard by more people from a far place. In addition, the Lord Wenchang was worshipped upstairs. Every morning the bell was stricken to tell the correct time, so people named it "the bell tower”.

Xi'an Bell Towerbell tower

The bell tower is a double-roof, three drop, four angle tips save wood structure building, about 1377 square meters. It has an 8.6 meters high, 35.5 meters wide square base built with brick and lime masonry. There is a 6 meters high and 6 meters wide door in each side of the bell tower which leads to the four avenues. If we count from the ground to the golden-top of the tower, the bell tower is 36meters high. Above the tower base, there is an empty cylindrical corridor, the building is divided into two floors and the double-eave is three floors. The roof was covered with green glazed titles and the tower is a wood structure building. Walking from the brick steps to the brick base platform and then into the hall in the 1 floor, miankuo 7, counting by the deep of the room we have 3 rooms. Around the floor is the platform and square painting caisson on the top. From the escalator in the southwest corner of the hall in 1st floor you can circle around to the hall in the 2ed floor and the hall has wooden partition doors in all direction which lead to the corridor outside. The frame structure in the 2ed floor is built by the measure of Ming made on build by laying bricks or stones, using columns and the pavilion roof took the measure of Mojiaoliang and Jingkoufang, the beam-column joints has the trace of Song and Yuan dynasty's method.

The whole building was painted. Indoor is covered with gold foil painting, painted beams and carved pillars. Four paint red gates all round and there are 64 exquisite carvings stories on the door leaf, such as "the mulan", "chang e", "listening to the music at the west chamber", "Bole spots good talents",  "Liu yi-book " and " the Eight Immortals crossing the sea " etc. These pictures all beautifully composed, carefully carved and owned high artistic value. The upturned roof-ridge is extending upward and tied with the Duo bell. There is a 6 meters high golden round top on the colored glaze lotus throne of the attic, more solemn and magnificence, showing the unique architecture art style Ming dynasty.In November 20, 1996 the State Council announced the bell tower as a national key cultural relic protection unit.