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The Bund of Shanghai

The Bund , located on the bank of Huangpu River, is one of the city’s biggest highlights in downtown Shanghai. Must-see attractions around it include the Oriental Pearl Tower and Jinmao Tower.Since 1943, the Bund has also been known as Zhongshan First East Road, which measures about 1.5 kilometers in length. It starts from Yanan East Road in the south and extends to Waibaidu Bridge on Suzhou Creek in the north. To its east is Huangpu River. To its west are 52 classic buildings of Gothic and Baroque styles which used to house old Shanghai’s financial institutions and trading companies; therefore, the Bund is now acclaimed as an outdoor museum of international architecture.

Huangpu River

The Huangpu River is the largest river flowing through downtown Shanghai. It rises at Longwang Mountain Nature Reserve close to Anji, Zhejiang province. It experiences the ebb and flow of tides twice everyday, and the water levels could have a drop of up to 4 meters. Facing the Huangpu River, Shanghai’s mother river.

Bund has been a symbol of the city for over 100 years. It was not only witness to Shanghai’s legendary past, but also fully demonstrates to the world the city’s remarkable ability to absorb foreign cultures. 

The peaceful Huangpu River, the long dyke and the green belt against the dazzling backdrop of charming buildings make the Bund Shanghai’s signature spot. In the morning, early birds come here for morning exercises. In daytime, it is a bustling attraction. In the evening, the buildings lit up along the Bund are like crystal palaces, ad visitors are amazed by unforgettable night vistas.

The Bund Historic Area

Protected Area 
Eastern Boundary: Huangpu River 
Southern Boundary: East Yan'an Road
Western Boundary: Middle Henan Road-North Henan Road
Northern Boundary: Tiantong Road-Daming Road-Wuchang Road

Scenic Routes 
Daming Road, Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, Huqiu Road, Yuanmingyuan Road, North Sichuan Road, Middle Sichuan Road, Middle Jiangxi Road, North Suzhou Road, East Beijing Road, Dianchi Road, West Nanjing Road, Jiujiang Road, Hankou Road, Fuzhou Road, Guangdong Road.

Notable Architecture 
The Bund architecture, Waibaidu Bridge, Sichuan Road Bridge, Broadway Mansions, Peace Hotel, General Post Office Building, Shanghai Municipal Council Building (Old International Settlement Council Building), Kincheng Banking Corporation Building (Now Bank of Communications), Holy Trinity Church, Jialing Office Building, Metropole Hotel, Hamilton House.

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