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Shanghai Cultural & Historic Sites

Shanghai's historic and cultural zones are part and parcel of the city's heritage. They shed important light on the city's past glory and are the groundwork of the city's cultural ethos.The 12 historical and cultural zones named by the government include the Bund, People’s Square, Laochengxiang, Hengshan Road-Fuxing Road, Hongqiao Road, Shanyin Road, Jiangwan Road, Longhua, Tilanqiao, Nanjing West Road, Yuyuan Road and Xinhua Road.

Shanghai, which became a port in 1843, boasts myriad historic zones and buildings marooned in modern high-rises, giving Shanghai a typical metropolitan edge. As part of its endeavor to preserve the city’s historical heritage, the municipal government has named 44 historical and cultural zones, including 12 in downtown area which cover an area of 27 square kilometers and 32 in the suburbs which cover an area of 14 square kilometers. The city also has 19 protected sites at the national level, 163 protected sites at the municipal level, and 632 buildings of high historic value.

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