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The Old Street of Shanghai

Shanghai Old Street is located beside City God Temple and Yuyuan Garden in the city center of Shanghai . At some narrow alleys beside Shanghai Old Street, there are many small neighborhoods where a lot of local people still live in. With good location and special touring experiences, Shanghai Old Street is a very popular place for tourists to Shanghai .

Initially named Middle Fangbang Road ,Shanghai Old Street is a 825-meter-long street with architecture of Ming and Qing architectural style and layout. It stretches west from South Henan Road to Renmin Road in the east. The whole street is a manifestation of traditional trade and folk culture of old Shanghai, with a lot of shops, restaurants and food places.


Walking into Shanghai Old Street , you will feel like walking into the bustling market of old Shanghai more than 100 years ago. It used to be an important place for foreign trade and commodities trade in Shanghai , witnessing the economic and social development of Shanghai City .

The development of Shanghai ’s business and commerce started from here. Since the early 11th century during the Song Dynasty, business began to boom in here and local government had started to collect taxes here. Over centuries of development, it has become a bustling market place with many time-honored shops, jewelry stores and restaurants.

▲ Architecture:  Shanghai Old Street is of typical styles of Ming and Qing dynasties. The street is divided into eastern and western sections by Guanyi Street . The two sections are a bit different.

The buildings in the eastern section retain the features of houses built in the late Qing Dynasty and early Republican Period from mid 19th century to early 20th century, with lattice windows, wooden shop front doors, handrails and floor-to-ceiling swing doors. The roofs usually have upturned eaves, laced drip tiles and corbie gables. The buildings in the western section are modeled after the style of Ming and Qing dynasties dated back to the 14th century, full of ancient atmosphere with lattice windows and red pillars.

Shopping and Dinning: Shanghai Old Street, for a long time, has been a busy marketplace. Here you can find a lot of time-honored shops, brands and restaurants. It is a shopping paradise if you are interested in hunting for curios, souvenirs, clothes and handicrafts. It is also a foodie’s must-visit place where local dishes and snacks are available. There are also featured shops such as tea houses and traditional Chinese medicine stores, which will be an interesting tour experience. Famous shops at Shanghai Old Street are Old Shanghai Tea House, Deshun Restaurant, Xishi Tofu House, Dingniangzi Cloths Store and Boyintang Seals.

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