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Muslim Restaurants In Xi'an City

Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi Province, is home of Muslim. There are many Muslim people in the City.Muslim Street is located behind the Durm Tower and it is the famous Muslim quarter in Xi'an City. There are lots of Muslim Restaurants In Xi'an City,here lists some Muslim Restaurants on this page.

Muslim Quarter, Muslim Street

Behind the Drum Tower is the famous Muslim quarter (also called Islamic Street). As the starting point of the famous Silk Road, Xi'an attracted traders from West since 1st century BC. During the 8th century AD, Xi'an was the largest city in the world with over one million inhabitants, among which one third of them were foreigners. The ancestors of these Muslims dwelled in Xian with Han people harmoniously and built Great Mosque for worship simultaneously.
Muslim quarter is a fascinating area where you can find exotic food, interesting people (some of the residents are still look like their Arabian cousins) and great souvenir stalls. You can taste many authentic Islamic snacks, like beef or mutton Rou Jia Mo (Chinese Hamburger), northwestern style noodles, Yangrou Paomo and many other attractive snacks that will not make you disappointed. The restaurants and eateries here are serving their food in budget prices.

The Mi Family Kitchen

Unlike other similar restaurants, the The Mi Family Kitchen restaurant serves home cooking rather than restaurant style food.Therefore, the main specialties are snacks, like braised beef with soy sauce , braised chicken feet , and various cold dishes. The stewed dishes are also tasty and fresh.As the restaurant is in a home, the atmosphere is homely, quiet, and easygoing; you can watch TV, access Wi-Fi, or play cards with your friends before dishes are served.

Add: Room 902, Xilan Residential Area A, 212 North Laodong Road, Lianhu District 

Tel: 18220535948, 1809233332

Transportation: Take bus 12, 24, 45, 102, 118,222, 303, 310,504, 624, 703, or 6006.

Moroccan Cuisine

Different from other Muslim restaurants, which mainly serve halal food in Chinese style, food here is Moroccan style.Famous dishes include couscous and d?ner kebab, and for drink, mint tea. Besides its exquisite Middle Eastern style food, the colorful decorations and geometric pattern design of the restaurant form an exotic atmosphere.The most unique feature is washing of hands with rose petals, in accordance with the cleanliness doctrine of Islam.

Add: Yagao People’s Mansion, 323 Dongxin Street, Xincheng District 

Tel: 029-8792 8888

Transportation: Take bus 4, 15, 16, 32, 46, 251, 502, 601, 603, or 702, and get off at Xincheng Square.

Mukamu Muslim Restaurant

The restaurant is in a beautiful and fresh environment, near the Yongyang Park, where you can see lotuses blossoming. The restaurant is known for the performances by people from Xinjiang.The prices here are reasonable, the portions are quite generous, and food is of good quality. Its specialties are: naan bread, Xinjiang rice, and braised chicken with potatoes and green peppers.

Add: Floor 1, No.3 Building, Zhangba Road, Yanta District 

Tel: 029-8858 0660

Transportation: Take bus 261, 324, 411, or 710, and get off at Physical Training Center.

Silk Road Restaurant

Famous for its specialty, stewed tender mutton with naan, this restaurant mainly serves fresh halal food, a little fatty but not greasy.Besides tasty dishes, the restaurant is also well-known for the views. Sitting by the windows on the second floor, you can see Tang Dynasty style wooden buildings decorated by cornice brackets, carved beams, and painted rafters.Owing to its location, it is very convenient to dine here after visiting the Big Wild Goose Pagoda , a famous scenic spot in Xi’an.

Add: 24 to 28 Datang Yitong Lane, Wei’er East Street, Yanta District 

Tel: 029-85263599

Transportation: Take bus 26, 27, 408, 503, 527, 710, 720, 722, or Ping’an Special Line, and get off at Yanta West Road

Xinjiang Restaurant

They say good food needs no advertising, proved by Xinjiang Restaurant. Although at an inconspicuous spot, inside the Xinjiang District, the food is still known to many people.All the food, such as the barbecued lamb shashlik, flavorful braised chicken with potatoes and green peppers, and tasty Xinjiang rice; and decorations in Xinjiang style, show authentic Xinjiang lifestyle.

Add: Xinjiang District, 3 Red Cross Lane, Xincheng District 

Tel: 029-8768 1666, 8768 1667

Transportation: Take bus 16, 251, 502, 601, 619, 702, 706, or k46, and get off at Xincheng Road.