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Shanghai Shopping

Shopping in Shanghai, the main shopping streets, Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road offer so many international brand-names. But if you are not interested in fashion and prefer shopping at outdoor markets, try Shanghai's numerous flee markets. Beneath Shanghai's magnificent shopping malls, department stores and boutiques, flourish numerous flee markets. The outdoor bazaar at Yuyuan Garden sells various souvenirs and art & crafts while the markets the "Cultural Street Market" on Fuzhou Road, the "Antique Street Market" on Dongtai Road and " Clothes street market on Shimen Road are traditional Chinese open-air markets. Have a unique shopping experience as well as see old traditional side of Shanghai, opposite to its glorious appearance.

Huaihai Road

Shanghai Shopping1.jpgHuaihai Road which is 6 kilometers long with more than 400 stores is famous as a tourist street as well as a shopping street. In the past, it is called as Xiafei Road. In the 90s, Shanghai government rebuilt this street. The new street now seems to be modern and great. For it is so flourishing, noble and graceful, people often say that it approaches Champs Elysees of Paris, Fifth Avenue of New York, and Ginza of Tokyo. And there are many international brand-names from different countries in this street like Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, Maison Mode, Huating Isetan. These international brand-names stores are decorated with European classical style, Chinese classical style, Fashion style, or 21st century modern style that makes shopping in Shanghai match world-class standards. More about Shanghai Huaihai Road.

Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road, named Park Lane before, is the oldest commercial street in Shanghai, which has been the most prosperous business street since the last century. Nanjing Road stretches from the Bund in the east to Jing'an Temple in the west, with the overall length of 5.5 kilometers, boasting row upon row of large-scale commercial buildings on both of its sides. It offers new goods from various regions and brand-name imported goods. It traverses downtown Shanghai, going through 26 roads. Before liberation, Nanjing Road used to be both an area infested with foreign adventures and a road filled with revolutionary tradition. After liberation, as the most bustling shopping center in Shanghai, Nanjing Road has been reputed as Chinas No. 1 Street. In Shanghai Road, a number of its commercial enterprises have become bellwethers of Chinas retail business enterprise, such as Shanghai No. 1 Department Store, Shanghai Hualina Commercial Building and Shanghai New World Shopping Mall. 

Jiangnan Silk Shop And Workshop

As Chinas national treasure, silk has served as a bridge for communications between China and the world for thousands of years. Enjoying a history of thousands of years, Jiangnan silk boasts the mysterious silk civilization and culture. In Roman Period, Chinas Jiangnan silk had entered into the continent of Europe and was reputed as the soft gold. At that time, wearing silk garments became a fashion pursued by numerous people. In Shanghai, Jiangnan Silk Shop and Workshop is a recommendable place to buy real silk. With antique gate and chic crimson gate post, Jiangnan Silk Shop and Workshop is rather like a silk museum, which is not big and even unnoticeable on the street. Actually, the site of Jiangnan Silk Shop and Workshop used to be an old textile machinery factory that was rebuilt into a market involving foreign interest which specializes in silk. Jiangnan Silk Shop and Workshop began to open to the public in January, 2002, covering an area of over 2,500 square meters. 

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