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Shanghai Overview

Shanghai is sitting on the mouth of Yangtze River,in the eastern China. It is the largest, most prosperous and populous city in China. Due to the rapid economical development, it becomes the center of economy, finance, trading and transportation of China. Short for Hu or Shen, Shanghai is one of four municipalities directly under the central government. Occupying an area of 6340.5 square kilo meters, it accounts for 0.06% of China territory. Chongming Island in Shanghai area is the third largest island in China after Taiwan and Hainan.


Shanghai is characterised by its location on the Yangtze River Delta on China's east coast and its proximity to the Pacific Ocean via the East China Sea. The city is centred around the Huangpu River, a tributary of the Yangtze River, and extends outwards in all directions, with the suburbs and satellite towns reaching east to the East China Sea, north and west to Jiangsu province, and south to Zhejiang province over Hangzhou Bay.

The vast majority of Shanghai's land area is flat, apart from a few hills in the southwest corner, due to its location on the alluvial plain of the Yangtze's river delta. The city has many rivers and lakes and is known for its rich water resources, and thanks to its coastal, riverside location and warm climate ensuring ice-free waters, provides easy access to China's interior, resulting in Shanghai being the world's largest port.

Shanghai lies on China's east coast roughly equidistant from Beijing and Guangzhou. Shanghai are now located in the center of an expanding peninsula between Hangzhou Bay to the south and the Yangtze River Delta to the north, formed by the Yangtze's natural deposition and by modern land reclamation projects. The provincial-level Municipality of Shanghai administers both the eastern area of this peninsula and many of its surrounding islands. Districts and Counties under Shanghai are followings:
• Pudong New Area District        • Huangpu District          • Jingan District         • Xuhui District 
• Changning District                   • Putuo District                • Zhabei District        • Yangpu District
• Baoshan District                      • Hongkou District            • Minhang District     • Jiading District
• Jinshan District                        • Songjiang District           •Qingpu District        •Fengxian District
• Chongming County


Known to the world as the Oriental Pearl, Shanghai is China major gate to the outside world in the east. As early as in the Tang and Song Dynasties, Shanghai served as a foreign trade port and mercantile ties. And during the the Qing Dynasty, the city turned into a navigation hub and metropolis in southeast China, which attracted countless ships to the Huangpu River. Today, this famous International port has developed into China important center of economy, finance, trade, science and technology as well as culture...More 

Shanghai belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, with distinctive four seasons, abundant sunshine and rainfall. The climate is mild and humid, with short spring and autumn, long winter and summer. Shanghai is suitable for traveling all year around. If you must ask for the best time, it would be from March to May in spring & September to October in autumn. In spring, plum flower in Qingpu, canola flower in Fengxian, peach flower in Pudong blooms, truly beautiful. In autumn, not only the weather is cool with less rain, buy also it is the best season to taste crabs in Shanghai...More


Shanghai is also a hot tourist destination renowned for its many historical landmarks and modern buildings such as The Bund, Yuyuan Garden, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and its extensive growing Pudong skyline, etc. The beauty of Shanghai is centered on kinds of building of various styles. The old Chinese architectures make people immerse themselves in the world of 1930s. The towering skyscrapers make you feel amazing the modern technology. The Gothic arch, Baroque corridors and south gardens and residence of south China harmoniously display melding of the eastern and western culture...More 

Shanghai offers many spectacular views and different perspectives, ancient and modern, Eastern and Western, and high-speed and slow-paced. You can't miss of them while you travel in Shanghai.Shanghai at the present day is a modernized but traditional metropolis featured in Shanghai-style Culture. Each part of prosperous Shanghai absolutely releases its distinct fascination from other cities. The unique old-style westernized architectures in the Bund and modernized skyscrapers in Pudong mutually glorify each other. The sounds of reciting psalm at cathedral of Xujiahui, the upward smoke of joss sticks at Jade-Buddha Temple, the elders playing Mahjong under the arcade, and youngsters playing football in alley will all release you colorfulness and variety of local citizens’ daily life. The Hu Drama, burlesque playing in public theater, the symphonic orchestra, ballet in big theater, the local snacks and cuisine in some old-fashioned hotels, the refreshments from different places in Yunnan Road, French feast at Red House, KFC, tea cafe and Starbucks in Shanghai old streets, the taproom in Hengshan Road, the diversity of choices certainly deepens your understanding on Shanghai and locals lifestyle. 

Shanghai has many name tags in the past century; such as "Pearl of China" and "Paris of the Orient". In the western society, the images of Shanghai are more welcome and acceptable than any other Chinese city. Shanghai is the largest and the most dynamic and prosperous city in China, it is the financial and economic center in China in comparison with Beijing as the political center of China. Shanghai is the largest entrance for overseas tourist coming to China; most of tourists prefer to choose Shanghai as their starting-point of travel in China. The old preconceptions of Shanghai were the center of evil men and prostitutes, but currently it sharply becomes the dynamic, cool and hopeful international metropolis. 

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