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Shizhuping Bai Village

Shizhuping Bai VillageShizhuping Village is home of Bai Ethnic Minority. The village is located in Hongjiaguan Township, about 20km from downtown Sangzhi County,in west of Zhangjiajie City. With a population of 1,025, Shizhuping Village is famous for its Bai Minority folk culture and customs. And it has been attracting lots of tourists from home and abroad in recent years.

What to see in Shizhuping Village ?

Bamboo Forest

Bamboos have been planted around houses in the village since ancient times.Shi Zhu (实竹),a kind of bamboo, is also called "Fargesia fractiflexa Yi". Shizhuping Village has beautiful scenery because of the green bamboo forest in whole year.

Bai's Dwellings

The Bai people's houses are made of wood or stone, and are generally decorated with wooden carvings, stone carvings, and marble, which adds luster to the traditional characteristics of the houses. The Bai's Dewellings are easily to see, Especially,on both sides of the Bai's Customs Street in the Shizhuping Village.

Bai's Customs

Bai Ethnic Torch Festival

Time: Evening of the 25th day of the six lunar month (about August)
Venue: Zhangjiajie
On the evening of the 25th day of the sixth lunar month, the Bai people put many torches together and jump them over repeatedly. They pray in this way to the God of Fire to eliminate the pests on the farmland and chase away all the evils.
Note: this festival is only held once in a year. Please just check out the time you go there, so that you will not miss the interesting festival there. 

Transport: It's about 55km from Zhangjiajie City.Visitors can take bus from Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station to Sangzhi County,and then continue taking bus from Sangzhi County to Hongjiaguan Township.

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