Zhangjiajie Travel Guide

Shopping In Zhangjiajie

With its excellent  ecological environment, Zhangjiajie enjoys a climate of sub-tropical humid monsoon with four  distinctive seasons. Zhangjaijie City has offers eight Nature Reserves of all  types, among which two are national level and three provincial level. It also  boasts 81 species of First or Second-class rare animals and plants under state  protection such as giant salamander and Pigeon-like flower, and 23 preservation  areas, covering a total area of 712 square kilometers. Zhangjiajie has abundant  resources and various species, including woody plants of 110 families and 1409  kinds, and more than 190 kinds of vertebrates. Zhangjiajie has produced many  local specialties such as Poon-gan, Xiangxi cattle, Maoyanmei Tea, Juhuaxin  Pomelo.

◎ What to buy ?

Li Junsheng and his Sticky Painting Tujia BrocadePueraria Mirifica Powder 

◎ Where to buy ?

Xibu Alley
Xibu Alley is a shopping street in Wulingyuan District. This street was in the past a bluestone road which was destroyed by flood. Xibu Alley is now a famous center collected shopping, junketing, recreation, amusement and dining. Xibu Alley is the great famous shopping center at the theme of tour. It is also the embodiment of central Zhangjiajie Tu Minority culture. There is a square in area of 2000 square meters. Xibu Alley is the combination of folk art and architecture. There are shops in street; and shops stands in gardens. Every year, there will be many activities and shows from minorities.

Zhangjiajie Guanghe Shopping Center 
Guanghe Shopping center reposes on Lingyuan Road North, Yongding District of Zhangjiajie gathering shopping, dining and recreation. This shopping center is divided into two-storey. The first floor deals in general merchandise, clothes, cosmetics, tour commodities, local products, craftworks, watches, glasses, hats, shoes, clothes, cameras, develop and printing, gold and silver ornaments and local flavors, etc. The second floor is a super market. Guanghe Shopping Center provides a large parking lot for consumers, which is next to street. Guanghe Shopping Center is the largest shopping mall and biggest tourism shopping center in North of XiangZhangjiajiei Area. 
Address: Lingyuan Road North, Yongding District, ZHANGJIAJIEhangjiajie, Hunan, China 
Phone: 0744-448258688

Zhangjiajie Meini Shopping Center 
Meini Shopping Center is the other famous shopping centers in Zhangjiajie. Meini Group developed from a small shop by road and now turns into a large chain group including two large super markets, four intermediate super markets and a cultural company in Zhangjiajie. Meini Group is the business wonder in Zhangjiajie. Meini Shopping Center with excellent location and convenient traffic is not only a comprehensive market but also a modern super market. From Meini Shopping Center, you can buy daily articles, food, wines, tea, local characteristic products, minority handicrafts, cosmetics, books, video and music products, clothes, bags and all kinds of home electric equipments. If you are hungry, there is a rest room and snacks on the first floor. 
Address: 15 Renmin Road, Zhangjiejie, Hunan, China 
Phone: 0744-8298388

Zhangjiajie Bubugao Department Store
Zhangjiajie Bubugao Department Store is on the city busy commercial area. It is one of the main shopping places in Zhangjiajie. The Store built in 2010 is now covering an area of 8000 square meters. This department store covers three floors. In the Department Store, there are central air condition, escalator, fire fighting alarm (automatic), computer cashier system, and TV monitor system, and so on. Zhangjiajie Bubugao Department Store not only sale general merchandise, costume, shoes, soft goods, bullion ornaments, hardware, TV, family electric appliances and telecom devices, but also deals in local special products of Zhangjiajie such as wild bacon, wild mushroom, tea, kud Zhangjiajieu and Tu Minority potherb, etc. 
Address: 0744-8237461
Phone: Huilong Road, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China