Zhangjiajie Travel Guide

Zhangjiajie Overview

Zhangjiajie Position in Hunan.pngZhangjiajie is one of the top ten destinations in China.Zhangjiajie City is located in northwestern Hunan,South Central of China.Zhangjiajie city is famous for tourism industry . Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie City was listed as the World NaturalHeritage in 1992 and appraised as a national 5A scenic area in 2004. The master work of  nature in Wulingyuan features thousands of sheer mountain peaks in red color,  clear streams and primeval forests, which are ideal havitats of rare animals and  birds. In the Yellow Dragon Cave, known as the “champion of strange caves in the  world” there are colorful stalactites and stone forests in various forms.  Solitary Tianmen Mountain, flanked by two deep gullies, rises high  into the sky.


With a total area of 9,756 sq km,the city of Zhangjiaie is located in the northwest of Hunan Province , about 350 km away from Changsha .Composed of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park ,the Tianzi Mountain and the Suoxi Valley ,the scimic area has a total area of 369 square km.

Population & Ethnic Minorities

Zhangjiajie is a world  famous tourist city located in the northwest of Hunan province of china, its  total population is 1.62 million in accordance to the latest population  statistics, nearly half of the them are minorities, including it’s over Tujia, the Bai and the Miao as well as some Hui, Man, Dong and the Yao. So the local  custom is quite interesting and different from Han people. The Tujia people have a long history. It is a hard-working and brave ethnic group.You can enjoy Tujia Ethnic Culture at Tujia Folk Customs Park 


Zhangjiajie,a prefecture-level city in Hunan Province, includes 2 Counties and 2 Districts, they are Cili County,Sangzhi County,Wulingyuan District and Yongding District.

Geographical Features

Located in the center of Wuling Mountain Ringe,Zhangjiajie has a rather varied landscape. There are mountains, karsts, hills,rivers,velleys, mounds and plains. Among of them, mountain area accounts for 76%, which the most characteristic is quartz sandstone peak forest landform.It is rare in the world. The land of Zhangjiajie City lies highly in north-west part, and it tilts to southeast along the Lishui river.

1. Lishui River

Lishui River comes from Badagong Mountain,Zhangjiajie's Sangzhi County, it runs 388km from northwest to east and endes to pour into Dongting Lake at Xiaodukou of Lixian County.Lishui River is the fourth longest river in Hunan Province.Along Lishui River, there are some cities ,such as Sangzhi ,Zhangjiajie, Cili, Shimen, Lixian, Linli,ect. 

Lishui River has three branches,including Daoshui River ,Dieshui River,and Lushui River. Maoyan River ,a part of Lishui River,about 50km in Zhangjiajie City's Yongding District.Daoshui runs from Wulei Mountain, Zhangjiajie City's Cili County, and passes through Changde City's Shimen County and Linli County. Dieshui River comes from Huping Mounatin in Changde City's Shimen County. Lushui runs from Zhangjiajie City's Sangzhi County and Wulingyuan District,at last it pours into Lishui River in the Downtown of Cili County.

2. Famous Mountains

Zhangjiajie is located in Wuling Mountainous Area. There are lots of mountains in Zhangjiajie. Badagong MountainTianmen MountainTianzi Mountain and Wullei Mountain, Xingde Mountain are the five most famous mountains.Especially, Tianzi Mountain is a part of Wulingyuan Scenic Area which is noted for stunning stone peaks.Tianmen Mountain is praised as "the Soul of Zhangjiajie".

3. Famous Caves & Canyons

Zhangjiajie also boasts Karst landform. Yellow Dragon Cave is one of the largest caves in the world. Jiutian Cave and King Dragon Cave have been also opened to tourists since 1990s. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, 18km away from Wulingyuan District, was opened to toursits in 2009.And it becomes a hot attraction for most people to explore trekking tour.

History of Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie was founded originally as its name" Dayong",a prefecture-level city, in 1988.In order to promote and develope tourism industry,Dayong  was renamed Zhangjiajie in 1994....More