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Tujia Folk Customs Park

Tujia Folk Customs Park,also called King Tusi Town,is a famous cultural site of sightseeing in Zhangjiajie City. Tujia Folk Customs Park is a replica of a typical Tujia village which is situated in Zhangjiajie City's Yongding District. With an area of 5 hectares, Tujia Folk Customs Park was built in 2000 , as well as with the intention to introduce visitors to the customs and traditions of the Tujia Ethnic Minority. 

Tujia Customs ParkTujia Customs Park

Most buildings in Tujia Folk Custom Park are constructed with wood and stone with the characteristics of carved girder and painted columns, upturned eaves, especially the exquisite workmanship and ingenious construction are greatly acclaimed by the tourists. Whats more, tourists express much admiration on the programs held in the park of its splendid culture and magnificent folk custom.

Tujia Customs ParkTujia Customs Park

Tujia Folk Cunstoms Park is a large-scale cultural tourist attraction, in which the tourists can experience Tujia people´s folk custom in various aspects such as architecture, food, agriculture, military art etc. The main attractions in the park are the "village square" where key performances such as the Maogusu Dance, a ceremonial dance that was part of a sacrificial ceremony are performed.In April, 2001, former premier 

Zhu Rongji visited the park and gave his lavish comments on it. In Septeber, 2002, the park successfully held a large-scale Maogusi Dance Party, and 1,000 dancers participated. This activity and the Nine-layer Diaojiaolou Building were listed in the Record of World Genis. The park was rated as one of the 4A National Tourist Attraction in China in Januar, 2004.