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Charming Western Hunan

The show of Charm Western Hunan, ( Charm XIangxi ), was put on the Theater of Meili Xiangxi ,located in Zhangjiajie City's Wulingyuan District, in 2001. After over 10  years developing, it  becomes one of the most three famous tourism shows of China. Especially, lots of  projiects of Charm Western Hunan have been put on the CCTV's Spring Festival Gala since 2012. The performance of Western Hunan is the must-enjoy as a style of nighlife  for most tourists  from home and abroad while they travel in Zhangjiajie.


The Show of Charming Xiangxi Theater are divided into two larger sections. The fore section includes age-old (Xiangxi Sacrifice), full-bodied (Miaojia Wine Drink), bold and unrestrained (Xiangzi Miaojia Drum), amorous ( Tujia Date>, humorous ( Tujia Kujia), mystery and "scared" (Xiangxi Corpse Chase ), straightforward (Maogusi Dance)... (Tujia Kujia) is the emersion Tu minority people crying for the girl who will get married on that day, and as well as the girl herself will cry. Of course it not embodies the sad mood of people, and it is just the custom of the marriage. (Xiangxi Corpse Chase) was originally kind folk witchcraft. On Mei Li Xiag Xi stage, it becomes into a mystery performance. The primitive (Tujia Maogusi) dance is really interesting. Maogusi in Tu minority language refers to the people who are hairy all over. The hairy people are regarded as the avatars of the primogenitor immortal of Tu minority. The dancers wear haulms all over to dance and singing.

The later section will let people enjoy the traditional Chinese acrobatics and Qigong. After the shows, the bonfire in the open air begins. Chinese acrobatics and Qigong are breathtaking and at the same time soul-stirring too. After watching the colorful shows indoor, you can easy your heart and take part in the warmly bonfire party in the open air. It is totally another excitement.

Tips: Tourists need to ask your tour guide and book in advance.

Add: Huajuan Road, Wulingyuan District,Zhangjiajie City, Hunan

Duration:  18:30—20:15 /  20:00—21:40  (Mar -Nov)
                  19:00—20:40 of (Nov- Mar)

Price:  60 USD/Pax

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Charm West Hunan

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