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Tujia Brocade

Brocade of Tujia Minority is a class ofrichly decorative hand-woven fabrics, often made on a wooden draw loom incolored silk or cotton weft (woolen yarn is also available nowadays) that holdsthe cotton warp together.Tujia Brocade,also called "Xilan Kapu" by local Tujia Ethnic people in Tujia Language, is produced in Zhangjiajie City, as well as   Xiangxi Tujia & Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hunan Province.


Tujia Brocade  is a kind of hand made cloth with minority characteristics.As one of the most famous China's ethnic minorities brocade, it is made in all sorts of design and can be used as interior decoration at home, bags, clothing, slippers, travel bag, sofa sets, seat cushion or seating washer, carpet and other crafts. Brocade of Tujia Nationality can be plain or colorful.

Zhangjiajie Guaiyaomei Tujia Brocade Factory is a professional factory to product Tujia Brocades,which is located in Shadi Township of Zhangjiajie City's Yongding District.

In the You River Valley of Xiangxi Tujiaand Miao Autonomous Prefecture, the art of brocading ispractised mainly in theTujia minority communities in counties including Yongshun, Longshan,Baojingand Guzhang.The Brocade of Tujia Minority, commonlyreferred to as “Hua” (flower), usually includes brocade blankets and brocadelaces. The most representative brocade of Tujia minority Xilan Kapu (sideflower) is acknowledged as the gem, while the brocade laces are even morepopular as they require no special appliance.
The 409 traditional brocade patterns arefeatured by innovation, bright colors and symmetrical lines, while the productis famous for durability.As one of the most important indicator ofvirtue, each and every Tujia girl will knit brocade by herself as a marriageportion.As a physical means of communicationbetween Tujia and Han ethnic groups, brocades were used as tributes from Tujiaancestors to the Imperial Courts in the Central Plains.

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