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Train from Guangzhou to Zhangjiajie

How can i get to Zhangjiajie from Guangzhou ? Train from Guangzhou to Zhangjiajie offers the schedule between Guangzhou and Zhangjiajie for your reference.As travelling between Guangzhou and Zhangjiajie by train takes a little long on the road, it is suggest to take a over-night train, so that you can have a good rest on the train and save time for sightseeing during the day. 

◎ Train From Zhangjiajie to Guangzhou(2016)

Departure Station: Zhangjiajie Railway Station                  Arrival Station: Guangzhou Railway Station

Train  No.
Departure  Time
Arrival Time
Running Time 

◎ Train From Guangzhou to Zhangjiajie (2016)

Departure Station: Guangzhou Railway Station                  Arrival Station: Zhangjiajie Railway Station

Train  No.
Departure  Time
Arrival Time
Running Time 
K906821:06 14:55+117h49m

Attentions: Train Schedule of Zhangjiajie to Beijing is for your reference only. Please check the ticket information including the tickets fares at the railway station or by your VAC tour advisors separately.

◎ Notes for Booking Train Tickets

1. Booking an original train is easier than booking a passing-by train. You can book a train ticket 10 days in advance at most. 
2. Generally, the seats on the train in China have tow types including soft seat and hard seat. Also, there are two kinds of sleeper seats on China's trains which are hard sleeper seat and soft sleeper seat. Hard sleeper seats are divided into upper hard sleeper, middle hard sleeper and lower hard sleeper (lower hard sleeper is the best); while soft sleeper seats are divided into upper soft sleeper and lower soft sleeper (lower soft sleeper is better). 
3. In China, taking a train is a comparative cheaper way to cut down the travel cost. While correspondingly, the comfortable level is lower than by air.
Luggage: you need to take the luggages by yourself and keep an eye of them on transporting time, no luggage-checking service on the train
Carriage: it may be crowded when in the domestic travel seasons as well as summer holidays.

◎ Travel Tips about Zhangjiajie and Guangzhou 
Domestic Travel High Season 
The most crowded seasons in China are Chinese Spring Festival (usually in late Jan or early Feb.), International Labor Day (May Tianmen Mountain01 to 03) and National Day (Oct 01-07). Spring Festival and the National Day golden week are the most crowded time for travelling.
Best Travel Time
Travel to Zhangjiajie: visitors can travel to Zhangjiajie all year around. But if visitors want to see the most beautiful scenery of there, the best season to go is from April to October. These months are golden time for travelers. With fewer misty days and rainy days, the weather will be fine and last for a long time. Be careful of the cold night in autumn season.
Travel to Guangzhou: Spring and autumn are perfect seasons to travel to Guangzhou, particularly in April Mau, October and November. In these months, Guangzhou has cool and sunny weather without interruption of the typhoon.

About Zhangjiajie: The region of Zhangjiajie in northwestern Hunan Province is like a natural labyrinth. Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie has been included in the World Heritage List and appraised as a national 5A scenic area. The master work of nature in Wulingyuan features thousands of sheer mountain peaks in red color, clear streams and primeval forests, which are ideal havitats of rare animals and birds.
About Guangzhou: Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, is nicknamed the City of Goat. As a city of historic and cultural significance, it is the largest industrial and commercial city and the largest important and export port in South China. It enjoys a humid climate all year around, and flowers blossom in all four seasons, hence its another nickname "the City of Flowers".