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French Tourists visit Chengyang Eight Dong Villages

The small group, 8 persons from France, were pleasure to visit Changyang Eight Village after they finished tour in Zhangjiajie. Today is very nice, upon arrival Liujiang Railway Staion at 5.00am, the tourist are met the local driver. After 2 hours driving, they get to the beautiful village which is located in Sanjiang County,Guangxi Province.

Chengyang Dong Village consists of eight small villages. All local villagers are Dong Ethnic Minority. Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge, built in 100 years ago, is the must-see place here. After visiting, they enjoy the traditional dance and music performance. However, the 8 clients are very happy because they have a unforgetable trip at Changyang Dong Village.

Tour Date: 20 Sep-31 Sep,2018

Tour Name: 12 Days Dream-like ChinaTours

Guided By: Kitty, English & French Speaking Tour Guide of Visit  Around China (CTS.Zhangjiajie)

chengyang Village6.jpg

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