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Longyan Travel Guide

Longyan is a prefecture level city which is famous for Hakka Earth Buildings.Seated in western Fujian Province,Longyan City is bordered by Quanzhou and Sanming in east and north,Zhangzhou in south. It also neighbors Ganzhou of Jiangxi Province in the west and Meizhou of Guangdong Province in the south.

Fujian-mapFacts of Longyan

Chinese Name: 龙岩市 (lóng yán shì)
Location: In west of Fujian Provicne,China.

Population: 2,875,000                                                          

Area: 19,050 square kilometers (7,355 square miles)

Nationalities: Han

Seat of the City Government: No.62, Heping Road, Xinluo District

Tourist Complaints: 0597-2336649


General terrain of Longyan descends from east and north to west and south. Mountains and hills zigzag northeast-southwest parallelly, occupying nearly eighty percent of the city's land area.

Administrative Division: 1 district (Xinluo); 5 counties (Changting, Yongding, Shanghang, Wuping, Liancheng); 1 county-level city (Zhangping).

Special Local Products: Chanting dried bean curd, Liancheng dried sweet potato, Zhangping dried bamboo shoot, Xinluo rice noodle and peanut, Wanying tea, Xuan paper (Chinese calligraphic paper), Shuixian Cha Bing (cake-shaped compressed tea), Yongding persimmon


During the Jin Dynasty (265-420), Xinluo County was set up here, belonging to the territory of Jin'an Shire. The Tang Dynasty (618-907) established Tingzhou in this region which is the old name for Longyan.

Climate & Weather

This city belongs to the subtropical zone, enjoying an oceanic monsoon climate. Its weather is moderate all the year round. Without chilly winter and torrid summer, the annual average temperature falls between 18 and 20 degree centigrade (64 and 68 degree Fahrenheit).The city is an all-year-round tourist destination.

What to see ?

Travel to Longyan,the best places to visit are Hakka Earth Towers (Tulou) in Yongding and Nanjing Counties,Additionally,Changding ancient Town and Guanzhai Mountain are also the best choice for your visiting in this city.

Yongding TulouGuanzhai MountainChangding Ancient Town
        Yongding Tulou       Guanzhai Mountain    Changding Ancient Town
Tianluokeng tulouGutian Conference Site
       Nanjing Tulou      Gutian Conference Site

How to get there?

Liancheng (Guanzhaishan) Airport stands in Jiangfang Village Lianfeng Town. It is 3.9 kilometers from Liancheng County, just at the foot of the Guanzhai Mountain. City proper is about 106 kilometers from the airport. Every week there are three flights to Fuzhou. And from Fuzhou, visitors can change flights to other cities. Additionally, they can also have the aid of the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, and it is about one and a half hours' drive between Xiamen and Longyan through the expressway. 
Longyan Bus Station: at the juncture between Xi'an Road (South) and Qiaomin Road, Xinluo District

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