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Kongtong Mountain

Kongtong Mountain is located some 12 km from the west of Pingliang City in Gansu Province. Kongtong Mountain Scenic Area covers around 84 square kilometers. Its main peak stands at 2123.3m high. The mountain, which is called as the "First Mountain of Taoism", boasts some amazing natural scenery as well as deep Taoist culture. 

Kongtong MtKongtong Mt

The unique peak, odd caves, strange stones, floating clouds as well as green grasses and trees will make you feel like you're entering a fairy tale land. Aside from these factors, the area also features a well-known martial arts school. 

Kongtong MtKongtong Mt

The Kongtong Martial Arts originated from Kongtong Mountain and it is one of the five great martial schools of China, together with Shaolin, Wudang, Emei and Kunlun. 

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