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Yellow River Stone Forest

Yellow River Stone Forest is a geographical park which has been established in southern Jingtai County to preserve the Yellow River Stone Forest four billion years ago. Yellow River Stone Forest Scenic Spot is located in Longwan Village in Jingtai District of Baiyin City. It was formed by the rising of the Earth's crust. 

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Just as beautiful as the famous Stone Forest of Yunnan, Yellow River Stone Forest Scenic Spot is composed of many sand stalagmites and stone pillars in various sizes and shapes.  Some are about 80-200 meters tall. Unique pattern on the cliff sides formed by water and wind erosion made the stone forest more attracting. The fabulous scenes reflect the prodigious craftsmanship of nature's creation. People have imaginatively given many peaks vivid names, such as "Lovers under the Moon", "The Goddess Looks at the Moon", "Qu Yuan Asks Heaven" and "A Gleam of Sky".

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The Chinese Mother River – the Yellow River flows east-west through this 34 square kilometers scenic area, adding dynamic beauty to the landscape. Together with the surrounding deserts, oases and farms, Yellow River Stone Forest Scenic Spot has become a location for many famous Chinese movies and television plays. Attracted by its imposing, wild, and secluded views, more and more visitors come here for sightseeing, and exploration, seeking novelty and recreation.

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