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Langdu Wetland Park

Langdu Wetland Park1.jpgLangdu Wetland Park,located in Lvjing Town, is 70 km east of  Minxian County. The total area of the wetland prairie is more than 60000 hectares. Here,the landform is plain and hilly and the southeast is higher than the northwest. The mountaintops are perfectly round and the land is open and flat. The climate is nice and cool with the annual average temperature of 4.9℃. There are rivers and vast prairie here; the average latitude is 2600m.

This park is the best choice of eco-tourism not only for its beautiful scenery but also for the folk customs. The favorable ecological environment has benefited from the abundance of local products, including Juema pigs (Fed with silverweed cinquefoil root, the pigs’ meat is superb.), fritillaria, winterworm summerherb (Chinese caterpillar fungus), soybean, highland barley and oats. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the prairie and the hospitality of steppes nomads. 

The footprints of the First, Second and Fourth Routes of Red Army in the year 1935 and 1936 can still be found here. In September 1935, the First Route Red Army left Hadapu Town, and crossed the Langdu Prairie via Lichuan Town. A year later, the Second and the Fourth Routes Red Army crossed the prairie again after a brief reorganization in Minxian County.

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