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Lee Hall

Located in Miaoer Lane in Yixin Village, Nanan Township of Longxi County, Lee Hall (Li's Palace) is an ancient imperial building complex of the Tang Dynasty. It is the hall for the Li family to have reunions and to worship their ancestors. It is well known at home and abroad because Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Taizong of Tang Emperor Taizong of Tang wrote the Chinese inscription of “Li’s Palace" personally. 

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It is not only the important living evidence and a landmark building for studying the Li cultural relics of Longxi, but also the only ancient building group preserved in Longxi.

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Built in the middle times of the Tang Dynasty, “Li’s Palace" is a complex with three levels of buildings. Great in number and in style, the imposing buildings represent an elevated level of architecture. The succeeding generations have been worshiping their ancestors here. In the main Worship Hall there hangs a horizontal inscribed board “Longxi Hall". The rooftop Holy Beasts are the brick carvings from the North Song Dynasty. The sleek aesthetic style, vivid and intact architecture, and concise and smooth lines make them all the more precious for artistic and archaeological studies.

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