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Qin Great Wall

Qin Great Wall.jpgKing Zhaoxiang of the State of Qin, the grandfather of the First Emperor Qin Shiuang, built the Great Wall in the 4th century BC, which started from Shawangpo of Duncun Village, 15 kilometers away from Lintao County, and ended in Jieshi of Liaodong (current Pyongyang of North Korea). The total length is 10 thousand li (a Chinese measurement, i.e. 5000 kilometers), so it is called the Great Wall of 10 thousand li. The Qin Great Wall runs across four counties -- Lintao, Weiyuan, Longxi and Tongwei-- as well as 27 villages, with a total length of more than 250km.

King Zhaoxiang of Qin in the Warring States Period eliminated Yiqurong and built the Qin Great Wall in Weiyuan County, which is the oldest part of the Great Wall in Chinese history. The residue height of most parts of the Great Wall is about 3 meters, and some higher parts can even reach 10 meters. There is a small beacon tower every 500 meters and a big beacon tower every 1000 meters, very spectacular manmade wonders indeed. The Qinwang Temple at the foot of the Great Wall is the place where Emperor Qin Shihuang stayed for one night in his westward tour to Longxi County. The descendants built this temple in honor of him. There is a poem on the remnant mural of the temple,“Swiftly Weihe River flows day and night;Till how long will the lords fight?Relics of the Great Wall are tattered and torn;Yet the olden-day Qin nobles are long gone."

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