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Guangdong Tarvel Guide

Guangdong Province is situated in the southernmost part of China's mainland, it covers a land area of 179,800 square kilometers , an island area of about 1,592 square kilometers  and has 3,368 kilometers of winding coastline, which is the longest in the country. Rivers from all over the province discharge into the South China Sea, forming the fertile Pearl River Delta, which is one of the countries' most densely cultivated areas. Its capital city, Guangzhou, formerly known as Canton to the western world, is located in the north of this river delta. Due to its special geographical position, Guangdong has for long served as a window of the country to the world. Besides, local people have spread to almost every corner of the world, making the province the hometown of many overseas Chinese. Transportation between it and other places is also very convenient, especially between Hong Kong and Macau. Guangdong Position MapHowever, sitting on the Chinese southernmost part, this place is frequently affected by typhoons, especially in summer time. Travelers should pay attention to the local weather forecast if they plan to visit the area during the typhoon season.Morever,Guangdong is a popular destination of China if you plan China Tour.

Guangdong Facts

English Name: Guangdong
Chinese Name: 广东 (guǎng dōng)
Abbreviation: Yue
Administration Type: Province
Capital: Guangzhou
Location: 20°13' to 25°31' N, 109°40' to 117°19' E
Area: 179,800 km²  (69,421 mi²)
Population (2010): 104,303,132

Tourism Cities in Guangdong

        Guangzhou        Shenzhen       Zhuhai

Top Attractions in Guangdong

Danxia Mountain

Gaungdong Nanhua temple

Sun Yat-sen Hall
      Danxia Mountain      Nanhua Temple    Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall
Guangzhou Chen TempleGuangzhou Yuexiu Park.jpgGaungzhou Shopping
      Chen Clan Academy         Yuexiu Park   Shangxiajiu Walking Street

Top Guangdong Tours

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