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Guangdong Province is one of the largest fruit producing centres in China, totalling more than 370 varieties. Among them, lychee, banana, orange and pineapple are the most widely grown. Selling well both domestic and abroad market, they are the region’s four famous fruits. Production of coffee, cocoa, lemongrass and pepper in Hainan Island and Leizhou Peninsular is fast developing. Particularly known for Yingde black tea, the hilly country in central and northern Guangdong abounds with tea, rosin, tung oil and tea oil.

The province’s ocean fishing and freshwater and sea-water aquatics culture are quite developed. Of all the Guangdong handcraft articles, Guangzhou ivory carving is the most famous. In 1918, a layer concentric ivory ball made in Guangzhou won a gold medal at Panama International Fair. Now, Guangzhou artisans can make 45 layer concentric ivory balls. Apart from ivory carving, Guangzhou embroidery, Fashan ceramics, Zhaoqing ink stones, Dongguan fireworks, Xinhui palm-leaf fan, Shantou draw work and Hainan cocoanut shell carving are all very famous.

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