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Xishan Temple

Xishan Temple is located inside Zhongshan Historical City Proper. The protection area includes the region surrounded by Taiping Road, West Sunwen Road, Jinghua Fashion Mall and North Entrance of Workers’ Cultural Palace. The total land area hits 3.2 hectares.

Xishan Temple is the living area built around mountain temple with the traditional characteristics in the South of the Five Ridges. The western and southern commercial architectures adopt arcade popular in the South of the Five Ridges, whereas the southern living areas adopt the traditional architectural style in the South of the Five Ridges, with the streets and lanes keeping the original pattern.

Xishan Temple Historical and Cultural District has one provincial cultural relic—Zhongshan Martyrs Monument, 2 municipal cultural relics—Xishan Temple and Zhongshan Memorial Library, and 2 excellent historical architectures—Laiqing Pavilion and Wokers’ Cultural Palace.

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